Yellowstone National Park Printable Bucket List for Kids

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Heading to Yellowstone National Park with the kids in tow? Yellowstone offers an amazing and raw look at what nature has to offer! Challenge the kids to check out as many items on this bucket list that they can while you explore the park!

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One of our family’s favorite travel activities is to check another one of the National Parks off of our list. Last year we added the Rocky Mountain National Park to our list of visited parks. In the next year or two we have our sights set on Grand Canyon National Park. The National Parks offer such a unique view of nature and everything that nature entails. One thing that fascinates me about the National Parks is how very different they all are! No two parks are alike! Each park holds special features, views, overlooks, animals, and other special attributes that make it one-of-a-kind.

Yellowstone National Park Almost Defies Description

When we traveled to Yellowstone a few summers ago, we really had no idea what we were going to find. Sure, we knew that Yellowstone has geysers and bison, as well as thermal pools like Grand Prismatic Spring. But from that first nail-biting drive along a cliff-side road as we first entered from the East, to long traffic delays due to wildlife (bison LOL) on the road inside the park, to places like Mammoth Hot Springs looking like a scene straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, we truly didn’t know what we were getting into.

Best View of Grand Prismatic Spring Yellowstone

To be honest, we are now several years out from that trip and we continually shake our heads at how surreal Yellowstone really is. We have never traveled to a place that held such incredible displays of nature within its boundaries.

From the geysers erupting (we caught several during our stay, including TWO eruptions from Old Faithful), to thermal pools (which are so clear and so beautiful, it’s easy to forget they’re so hot, they’d boil you alive), to other neat things that you simply can’t see anywhere else.

Old Faithful with Kids

Traveling to Yellowstone with Kids

On our other blog, we actually detailed a whole bunch of tips for visiting Yellowstone with kids.

We traveled to Yellowstone with a then 3 and 8 year old. Sure, we had to make certain that we had an extra tight hold on the kids (especially the wild 3 year old!) as we maneuvered along the wooden boardwalks that wind across the various thermal features. And we made sure to keep an extra vigilant eye on them when it came to things like staying hydrated, steering clear of wildlife, etc. But overall, it was such an awesome trip to take with young kids. We were all equally blown away by the park and I loved watching the experience through their eyes!

Yellowstone Bucket List for Kids

We had such an overwhelmingly great reaction to our previously published National Parks Bucket List for Kids printable. So, I took that list and changed it up a bit, focusing the theme on Yellowstone and some of the features unique to that specific park.

The end result is this free printable that you can grab before you hit the road for your own Yellowstone adventure! Keep the printable in your car or backpack and challenge the kids to keep their eyes and ears open throughout your trip and see how much of the list they can check off!

Get the printable: Yellowstone National Park Bucket List of Kids

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Yellowstone Bucket List for Kids

We hope you have fun with this!  And have an awesome time in Yellowstone!


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