Top 5 Tips for Tent Camping with Kids

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Camping with kids can be enjoyable or challenging, depending on how well prepared you are. It’s a great thing to expose them to nature’s wonders at an early age. If you do it right, moments where you will hear them say “I’m bored” will seldom surface. Tent camping is a bit different from other forms of camping. You will be exposed to a lot of elements, including the weather.

Tent Camping with Kids

Read on to learn how best you can enjoy tent camping with your kids.

1. The location matters

It’s always advisable to camp closer to home, especially if it’s your first time going tent camping with your kids. Going to camp in a place where you can control your elements can be a lifesaver. Your family’s safety is your top priority. If you are adventurous, do your research well to learn more about the location you are about to go camping. if you are conservative, a campground would be a good place to start when you are tent camping with your kids. The amenities offered in a campground could come in handy.

2. The camping gear

The tent should be large enough to accommodate the whole family easily. Buy a sleeping bag for the kids as well. When pitching the tent, place a tarp on the floor of the tent. This serves two purposes; to keep the water from seeping into the tent at night and to insulate the tent floor. If you have a toddler with you, a portable kid cot, raised from the ground would be a better option than a sleeping bag. Make sure they are well insulated from the cold by wearing layers of light material. During the day, it’s easier to remove these layers when it gets too hot as opposed to wearing heavy pieces of clothing.

3. Camping activities and entertainment options

Kids get bored easily and a day spent hiking or stargazing is exciting but it can only hold their attention for so long. You need to come up with entertainment options and activities that will keep them occupied throughout the camping trip. When researching where to camp, check out what activities would entertain your kids. You can bring their favorite toys for the moment you just want to lie down and they are still full of energy, or when the weather is not favorable for outdoor exploration. Outdoor activities such as scavenger hunts, hiking, or I-spy are good games to keep your kids excited for hours.

Campground games like cornhole, horseshoes, and spike ball are excellent ideas for fun at the campsite.

4. Food and water

Do not trust that you will have access to clean water at your camping ground. If possible, carry enough clean water with you. If that’s not possible, carry water filters or water purification tablets to treat water before you or your kids drink. Feed the kids with their favorite snacks and delicious open-fire recipes.  If you are bringing perishable foods, make sure you keep it in a cooler on plenty of ice so that it doesn’t spoil.

5. Kid’s safety options

You need to protect your kids from elements that can cause harm to them. Bugs and mosquitoes fall into this category. Have bug spray with you. If you want to ward off these bugs the natural way, burn sage in your campfire. Have a well-stocked first-aid kit as well to take care of the small bruises, splinters or cuts that your kids may get as they jump up and down around the campsite. Glow sticks work great for keeping kids visible around your campsite after the sun goes down.

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