Top 10 Outdoor Podcasts You Should Absolutely Listen To

There is no better companion when you are trying to enjoy the outdoors than outdoor podcasts. Learn about the best podcasts here.

Podcasts are an absolute delight nowadays. You get to listen to insights from others without interrupting whatever it is that you were doing. When you are outdoors, enjoy a relaxing moment, hiking or walking, outdoor podcasts will bring you closer to mother nature. Most are enjoyable to listen to while providing tons of free advice to outdoor enthusiasts.

Pick yourself up a nice pair of headphones or ear buds that are comfortable for you to wear. I recently got a pair of Apple Air PodsOpens in a new tab. and they are great. The wireless portability makes it even easier to listen to my favorite podcasts!

In this article, we will highlight some of the best outdoor podcasts you should endeavor to listen to.

  1. Backpacking Light Podcast Opens in a new tab.
    This is an amazing outdoor podcast for beginner campers who have no idea what to carry along for their camping/hiking trip. The hosts have a lot of experience hiking and backpacking and they review a lot of products, often giving information that would be truly valuable to a beginner backpacker.
  2. Dirtbag DiariesOpens in a new tab. Opens in a new tab.
    This podcast, hosted by Fitz Cahall, is one of the most popular outdoor podcast around, and for good reason. There are a lot of interviews with renowned athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who will inspire and challenge you to do more when you go outdoors.
  3. She Explores Opens in a new tab.
    Focusing mainly on women who love the outdoors, this podcast is a pure gem. You will enjoy listening to the creative women who settle at nothing to have an amazing time outdoors. There are lots of interviews and lots of laughter here
  4. Outside Podcast Opens in a new tab.
    The name gives it away. This is designed to speak about everything outdoors. It focuses on the science of how we survive in extreme environments and how we interact with nature. It is very exciting, engaging, enlightening and entertaining.
  5. Out ThereOpens in a new tab.
    Hosted by Willow Belden, an outdoor veteran, this podcast takes you on an amazing journey into the woods where he shows you how nature heals the mind. It has a lot of mixed stuff, all aligned to having a great moment in the outdoors. You might catch something really valuable here.
  6. Outside/InOpens in a new tab.
    Learn about flowers, animals, plants and nature in general and how we interact with everything around us. This outdoor podcast also teaches us the best way towards environmental conservation while still having a great time outside.
  7. The First 40 MilesOpens in a new tab.
    Although they put out their last episode in December 2018, I still think they are worth listening to. They have over 200 episodes specifically aligned towards hiking and backpacking. They talk about the trips taken into the wilderness, the experiences made and the lessons learnt. It is a great podcast for beginner outdoor enthusiasts.
  8. The Trail Show Opens in a new tab.
    The hosts of this podcast lay it all bare. They talk about their experiences, mistakes, failures, and accomplishments. It is a really inspirational as well as challenging podcast.
  9. Wild Ideas Worth Living Opens in a new tab.
    Shelby Stanger also shares adventure stories, intertwined with personal ones. The guests on this podcast dig deep into other matters that are not just outdoor-related. We get to learn about what inspires them to achieve what they achieve outdoors.
  10. Enormocast Opens in a new tab.
    Learn about the crazy ideas people have and how they bring them to life in the outdoors. This is a very engaging and exciting podcast where you will hear people talking about their fears and their experiences. Get to know what it takes to make those ground breaking climbs.

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