10 Tips for RV Camping in the Rain

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When RV camping is one of your favorite family summertime activities, at one point or another, rain is going to try and put a damper on your whole experience. It doesn’t have to. You can still have an amazing time when the weather isn’t cooperating by being prepared. Check out these tips for RV camping in the rain.  

Rainy Campground

RV Camping in the Rain

Have you ever thought about what it’s like to camp in the rain? We have been RV camping in the rain on several occasions over the years. Our experience has ranged from on-and-off drizzle to one memorable weekend away with friends when it POURED the majority of the trip. 

Camping in the rain can be crazy if you’re not prepared. Keep reading to discover the different tips for RV camping in the rain. Like I said, we have done it several times and so can you! 

Durable Tarps

One of the best supplies that you can have tucked away on board are a few durable tarps that will come in handy. This is especially true when you plan on cooking a meal over the firepit. Having shelter from the rain will keep you dry and the fire doing its job. Several well-placed tarps that are carefully staked outside your RV allows you to still move around a bit, instead of staying cooped up in an RV the whole day. 

Pop-Up Tents

Just like a tarp can give you a little coverage to move around outside, so can an EZ-Up Pop-Up Canopy Tent.  We have two of these and they have kept us dry on many rainy outings! These tents are super easy to set up and can provide a great covered area to hang out under.  We like to set up our tent next to our camper awning to make an extra long covered space when rain looms.

RV Camping in the Rain

Well-made Ponchos 

If you happen to be serious campers, investing in several well-made ponchos will go a long way versus the cheaper ones. You’ll stay a whole lot dryer too! Maybe your family owns rain jackets already? Those will also work.   


There’s just no way around it. Rain creates mud. Keep several old worn out towels with you, that you can use to wipe the mud off your shoes every time someone has to use the restroom. Towels can also dry your hair and other camping gear also.  

Boot Tray

In addition to old towels, grab a boot tray. Have everyone leave their muddy boots and/or shoes on this tray to keep the mud and dirt contained to one spot.

boot tray

Camping Rug 

We always keep an outdoor rug in the camper to help keep the RV from turning into a pigsty.  Set the rug up outside your camper door. They usually have a bit of weight to them, but if it’s super windy outside, it wouldn’t hurt to stake them down. 

RV awning mat 

Wear the Right Clothing

When it is rainy outside, don’t plan on wearing cotton like you might be accustomed to. Cotton apparel will leave you feeling wetter and colder, even after the rain has stopped. Plan on wearing clothing that is made of wool, or polypropylene, which will keep you feeling warmer and more comfortable.  Water-repellent windbreakers are also a great idea. Don’t forget the umbrellas

Rainy Smores

Water Resistant Backpack 

If you’re going to be transporting camping gear in the rain, a water-resistant backpack will do the trick. Many camping backpacks come with built-in covers.  Great extra protection for rainy adventuring!

Bring Games  

One way to make the weather more tolerable is by bringing several card games and board games for easy indoor entertaining. It’s a great bonding time and you’ll have plenty of laughs in the meantime. 

Weather Radio 

Are you planning on camping in a region that has drastic weather changes that happen quickly? A weather radio is a tool that everyone needs to keep a better eye on the rain and any severe weather that may pop up out of nowhere. We have all gotten so used to relying on cell phones for weather updates, but when you are in a remote location with shoddy cellular coverage, having that radio just might come in very handy. 

While rain isn’t something most campers look forward to, it doesn’t have to mean that it’s time to bail. What are some other supplies or rainy day activities that you bring, to distract everyone from the weather? What tips do you have for RV camping in the rain?

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  1. Something we do when at campgrounds with a lot of dirt near our RV when rain is threatened, is lay down clear plastic sheets that are made for covering floors when painting a house. You can get them in long narrow rolls. You can stake them down or hold them down with rocks and logs to prevent them blowing away. They cover the mud and give us walkways from the RV door to the car, and around the sides of the RV to the various basement doors as well as the dump valves for the grey and black water. Our shoes still get wet but it eliminates the mud from entering the RV. When we leave the campground we just wad them up and throw them away.


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