6 Tips for a Successful Solo Road Trip

Feeling keen to hit the open road on a solo adventure? We have some helpful tips that will make sure you are well-prepared for a successful road trip!

Solo Road Trip

Few travel adventures bring as much joy as a road trip does. Think the only great road trips are taken with family or friends? Think again! You do not have to postpone your plans if you can’t find a friend willing to hop on board for this crazy adventure. You can go on a solo road trip and have as much fun as you would have if you were in a group. You need to be well-prepared and take some time to research your route! Check out the tips below on how you can have a great first solo road trip.

Understand yourself and your vehicle

You should have absolute confidence in the capacity of your vehicle to make the trip with no issues. Service the vehicle and make sure that the insurance is up to date. Have both travel insurance and roadside assistance insurance. You never know when either one might come in handy. Know your driving limits as well. How many hours can you (safely) drive in one day? Do not over-extend yourself. You need to be well-rested at all times. Remember that you do not have a partner to share the burden of driving.

Map out your journey

You need to plan out your journey before you start the trip. There are many tools and resources to help you do that. You need a navigation tool, just in case you get lost. A car with built-in navigation will work, but if your vehicle does not have one, you can use a smartphone or a standalone navigation system. It is easy to rely on technology these days, but it’s never a bad idea to keep a road map in your car as well. Some areas, particularly the more rural spots, might have spotty cellular service.

You may also want to download various travel-related apps to your phone before you leave home. We love these road trip apps. You can use one that shows you where the nearest gas station on your way is, just in case you need to refill your gas. You may also want an app that predicts the weather!

Staying safe on the road

Your safety on a solo road trip is top priority. Let someone know where you are at all times. You can share your schedule with them or even share your phone location with them. You will have some peace of mind knowing that someone is on standby if anything were to go wrong. Do not take shortcuts when you are in unfamiliar territory. For example, stick to roads and highways instead of cutting through a town or part of a city that might not be the safest for through-traffic.

Always have a roadside emergency kit with you.

Pack a lot of power for your devices

If you are using your phone for navigation or to stream music, the battery will drain quickly. Carry a portable power station or power bank to keep your electronic devices fully charged.

Book your accommodation in advance

Whenever possible, try to book your accommodations before you leave for the trip. You will have enough time to do your research on the kind of amenities to expect from these hotels and this might prevent ugly surprises.

Pack plenty of food and water

You will need food and water on your trip. Even if you plan to stop for meals, it’s always a good idea to carry your favorite foods and snacks. Make sure you have a lot of clean drinking water as well. We love loading up our cooler before hitting the road with snacks and drinks. Many hotels offer free ice vending machines. Replenish the cooler’s ice each morning before you get back on the road.

Entertainment options

How will you keep yourself entertained during the trip? There are many ways to do this. Music, podcasts and audiobooks are popular boredom busters! Do not forget to bring your camera to capture your sights and experiences on the trip and most importantly!

Do you have any additional solo road trip tips to share? Or any routes that you love to take? Drop us a comment and tell us about them!


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