10 Things You Need at Your Glampsite

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Our site name probably already tipped you off to one thing: we love glamping. Glamping (or glamorous camping) can be loosely defined by each individual glamper, but we consider glamping to have certain comforts that traditional camping lacks. So what are some of our essentials for setting up a glampsite?

Our Favorite Glampsite Must-Haves

  • Wear the Right Gear: Let everyone know that you are here to glamp like no one has glamped before. Check out this awesome glamping shirt (yup, made by Yours Truly)! Always remember, although shorts are more comfortable in the heat, long pants and high socks are better for camping/hiking. You also want to make sure you have the right kind of shoes/boots.
glamping shirt
  • The Perfect Tent: You can’t just glamp in any tent. You need a tent with room to spread out, or ROOMS to spread out. This large tent (with optional room divider) is perfect for any level glamper.
  • Furniture: Yes, I said FURNITURE. You can’t glamp without the right glamping furniture and the right furniture is an inflatable sectional, and chairs! Don’t forget your air pump! Consider bringing a hammock to hang between to sturdy trees for the ultimate relaxation.
  • Sleeping Arrangements: Sleeping on the ground? Nope! You remembered to pack the bed and queen-sized sleeping bag, of course! Put a little bit of lavender oil on your pillows and, not only will it help you sleep, but it will help keep the mosquitoes away as well.

Glamping is really all about enjoying nature, but with some of the awesome comforts of home and without having to sleep on the ground. There is absolutely nothing wrong with bringing a little flair to your campsite, by turning it into the best glampsite EVER!

Tips from a Glamping Expert: Never forget your first aid kit, ibuprofen, sunscreen and bug spray. You won’t enjoy your glamping experience if you leave them at home!

P.s. Don’t forget your telescoping roasting sticks, just in case you want to make some S’mores later!

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