The Best RV Safety Features Available

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With plans to drive around and use your RV quite often, it only makes sense for you to want to do what you can to ramp up security. When you use additional safety features, they can make such a difference while leaving your family feeling both safe and comfortable. If you are not sure which features to get, check out some of the following products that are worth investing in for your RV.

RV Security HERO

Security Cameras 

Why not check out security cameras? It is always good to have security cameras installed on your RV. With access to security cameras, you can see everything that is going on when you are on the road and when you have your vehicle parked at a campground. 

You can easily see who is passing by your vehicle and what other people are doing. So, if you notice anything suspicious going on, you will be aware of it right away. Choose from hundreds of different security cameras based on your budget and the features you prefer.

Don’t Forget About a Carbon Monoxide Detector 

Because you are likely going to spend a lot of time in your RV, make sure to have a carbon monoxide detector placed inside the vehicle. Carbon monoxide is considered a silent killer because the gas is odorless, but it can easily knock people out and cause them to pass away. You certainly do not want to have that type of experience when you are trying to have a good time with the family. Most carbon monoxide detectors are affordable and easy to find.

What About a Dash Camera? Yes! 

Install a dash camera on your RV to always have evidence of everything and anything that is going on. The dash camera allows you to have proof in case you get into an accident with another motorist while on the road. No doubt that this is one of the best RV safety features available. 

Hitch Locks

Protecting your property is important. This is the reason you should purchase and install hitch locks on your RV. These locks are an immediate deterrent to anyone who is thinking about trying to break into your stuff. Not only does it often deter people from trying to get into your belongings, but it also provides the maximum level of protection to give you more peace of mind.

RV Window Latches

Just like you have locks on the windows of your home, it is a good idea to invest in high-quality window latches for your RV windows. By having these latches attached to the windows, you can prevent people from breaking into the windows in an attempt to gain access to your RV. It will make you feel a lot safer when you are sleeping in there, especially if you have your RV parked in the wilderness.

Smoke Detector and Fire Extinguisher

No safety post would be complete without stressing the importance of keeping a fire extinguisher handy in your RV. I don’t need to stress how devastating a fire would be in an RV or how quickly it would spread. Electrical fires, cooking incidents, etc make fires a real concern. I highly suggest having a working smoke detector in the camper (and change the batteries regularly!). You can get a combo smoke/carbon monoxide detector and kill two birds with one stone. In addition, keep a fire extinguisher (or two) stocked and in a spot that’s visible and easy to access. Fire extinguishers have expiration dates so make sure you replace them when or before they expire.

RVLock Key Fob and RH Compact Keyless Entry Keypad

Did you know that the major RV manufacturers only make a small number of different locks for the hundreds of thousands of campers that they produce? That means that on any given trip, there’s a pretty good chance that your RV key will unlock any number of other campers at that campground. Which, yes, means that potentially other campers could unlock your camper with their key! Consider upgrading that lock to a more secure option, like the RVLock Key Fob and RH Compact Keyless Entry Keypad.

This keypad is easy to install and will fit most RV models. It will deter potential campground thieves and keep your valuables more secure when you’re out exploring.

Make your experience of riding and using an RV even safer and more enjoyable by making use of the different available safety features. If you are willing to invest in security cameras, hitch locks, window latches, and more, you can deter potential thieves while providing the safest environment for yourself and your family. You can easily find these different types of safety items on sites like for reasonable prices. What is your favorite out of this list of the best RV safety features available?



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