The Best RV Features for Kids

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Do you plan on spending a lot of time in the RV with your kids? You may use it to travel from one state to another while camping and spending quality time together. If that is what you plan to do during the next few months, you should know of some of the best RV features for kids. As a parent, it is ideal to have these features available because of how useful and beneficial they are for children of all ages. Whether you have little ones, tweens, or even teenagers, I want to introduce you to the best RV features for kids. 

RV Features for Kids

Try a Mounted Television 

Without a doubt, a Mounted Television is one of the best RV features for kids! While out on the road and on the way to your destination, you may want to have something to entertain the children, such as a television. 

The best way to keep the tv secure while saving floor space inside the RV is to get a mounted television. You can easily purchase an affordable television mount from most online retailers. Having the television mounted on the wall is the perfect way to set things up for the kids to have a fun time watching some of their favorite movies and television shows. 

You can mount the TV in a central location in the camper, and/or put a smaller tv on a wall mount in the kids’ bunkhouse.

Wall Mounted TV RV

Let’s Talk About Those Bunkhouses

By far and large, the one thing that our camper does NOT have that our kids WISH it had: a bunkhouse.  Yes, our camper has bunk beds. But how cool would it be to have a separate space/room for the kids (preferably with a door to shut!)?

From extra storage space to just a place to call their own, bunkhouses are a great feature to consider if you’re traveling with kids. You can find double bunks, quad bunks, drop down beds, entertainment areas and more.

Bunkhouse RV

Don’t Forget Closet Storage Bins 

When you are traveling with your kids in an RV, staying organized may seem like it is nearly impossible to achieve. However, you can buy several closet storage bins that are compact enough to fit inside the RV without taking up a lot of space. These storage bins can still provide a lot of room for different items. 

You can put plenty of different things inside these closet storage bins, including blocks, figurines, and containers of molding clay that your children might like to play with while on the road. You’ll want these Closet Storage Bins to make RV living even easier for your family. 

Seats With Storage 

I love the idea of Seats with Storage. Having seats with storage space is a must when you have kids riding in the RV. You want your children to sit comfortably while you are on the road, but you also want them to have an excellent place to put some of their belongings. Amazon has a couple of seating options too! 

Seats that come with storage will often have enough space for crayons, markers, coloring books, tablets, and other items your children to like to play with and use on the road. Everything your children might need will be easily accessible to them.

Qualitex De Leon RV Loveseat With Console

Give a Rock-Climbing Wall a Try 

You can get a neat rock-climbing wall installed inside of your RV to keep your children busy, active, and entertained. Simply choose the size and length of the wall, along with where you would like to get it installed. And, if you feel worried about the cost of something like this, you can always decide to make a rock-climbing wall yourself. 

Rock Wall in RV bedroom

Many RVs come equipped with different features that are convenient for kids. And, if you do not already have these features, you can typically purchase them from places like at great prices. 

It is all about having a good time while traveling with the kids and keeping them entertained while out on the road. These specific features can drastically improve the traveling and camping experience for your family. What did you think about my list of the best RV features for kids? 

We love seeing what fun new features roll out with the latest RV models every year! What are your favorite RV features for kids? Or what are the best things that you have added to your camper to make camping even more fun and enjoyable?


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  1. We have a 2020 Puma. There is a TV in living area and one in the bedroom. Both are just regular TV purchased at Walmart. When you try to watch the one in the bedroom, it makes static on the other which makes it impossible to use. My previous camper was a 2019 and it did the same thing . No one can tell me why

    • That definitely sounds frustrating! Is the static occurring when you are hooked up to campsite cable? Have you tried a new coax cable in case your cable is loose or faulty? (The cable that hooks up your tv service from camper to campsite hookups.)


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