20 Solar Panel and Solar Powered Accessories for RVs and Camping

Have you thought about how you might power electronics in your RV when you don’t have electrical hookups or a generator? Check out some sweet solar options for your rig!

Solar Panels RV

If you are traveling in an RV full time or just RV camping frequently, you know how important it can be to find a campsite with water and electric. If you have ever thought about trying some boondocking (or camping off the grid), you are likely to end up without those typical campground amenities.

If you are used to having things like TVs or lights, it can be challenging to stay at a campsite that isn’t prepared for an RV. In these situations, having solar energy options for your RV can make a world of difference! Think beyond the basic solar panel. Yes, solar panels make up a big portion of our list… but there are other cool gadgets and items to consider as well! Solar options for campers have come a LONG way. There are a lot of neat things to choose from so you can find the best choice for your RV!

RV Solar Panel Options

1. Foldable Solar Panel  – These portable, foldable solar panels are easy to set up and can power various items around your campsite!

2. Flexible Solar Panel – Similar to the item above, but flexible in design, this panel will collect the sun’s energy and can power various items in your RV.

3. 100 Watt 12 Volt Solar Panel Starter Kit – Another panel option that can be mounted to your RV roof.

4. 200 Watt Off Grid Solar Panel Kit – Similar to the solar panel above, but double the watts.

5. Portable 120 Watt Foldable Solar Panel – Nice foldable option that includes a kickstand for setting up around the campsite.

6. 400 Watt 12 Volt Premium Solar Power System – If you’re really looking to crank out some power, check out this 400 Watt system.

Solar Powered Lights, Power Stations and Other Options

7. Solar Energy Lighting – We love solar lighting for various reasons, but most of all because they do not require electric AND they save our phone battery when we use the solar lights instead of our phone flashlights!

8. Portable Power Station – This cool bundle will not only provide some basic lighting with the included lights, it can also charge some basic necessities such as a cell phone via USB charger.

9. Solar Lantern Flashlights – So convenient and handy – plus these lanterns really crank out some bright light!! They are very easy to use and it’s so nice to not have to worry about changing the batteries.

10. Solar Tea Light Candles – Want to add a little ambience to your campsite WITHOUT the open flames? These solar candles are the perfect solution!

11. Solar Powered Fan – Fans are a perfect way to stay cool on hot summer days and nights. They also help to cut down on the bugs that swarm around you at the campsite. (Personally, I also love fans for their “white noise” effect, which helps me sleep better.)

12. Solar LED Torches – These torches will not only add decoration to your home away from home, they also add some visibility at night around your campsite. Place them around high traffic areas to illuminate the path and keep people from tripping over firewood, tent anchor lines, etc.

13. Backpacking Solar Charger – Here’s a super easy way to collect some solar energy that can charge your cell phone!

14. Solar Power Wind Chime – Here’s a fun piece of campsite decor that used solar energy to power the lights after the sun sets!

15. Solar Car Battery Charger – This small solar panel comes with suction cups so you can attach it easily to the inside of a vehicle windshield. That’s the perfect spot to collect some sunlight while you are parked or on the road!

16. Solar Security Lights – It’s always nice to have some extra exterior illumination when you want to check your campsite and ensure things are safe. This solar version makes it easy to have the security and does not require electrical hookup.

17. Solar Emergency Radio – This is ALWAYS a smart item to keep in your emergency supply stash, both at home and on the road. I like this solar version which would be handy in the event that you are without power.

18. Solar LED Flashlight – These flashlights are great to keep in your camper for those nighttime walks across the campground!

19. Solar Shower Bag – These portable shower bags are SO handy to have! Perfect for a quick rinse off in the great outdoors and the water really does get warm! (Such a luxury when you aren’t relying on a hot water heater!)

20. Solar Generator – For the serious adventurers who frequently find themselves heading “off the grid,” these generators are a major investment, but will really put some power at your fingertips!

We hope this helps you with some great ideas for solar powered options to keep in your camper and around your campsite. Many of these items would also be great to have on hand if you are home and experience a power outage for any extended amount of time. Do you already have any of the items that we mentioned in this post? Which ones are your favorites? Did we leave something off of our list that you would consider at must-have? Leave a comment below and tell us about it! 


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