S’mores Mason Jar Valentine Gift + Printable Tag

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Quick – name the most iconic dessert that people associate with camping! Time’s up!  Did you say S’MORES? Check out this adorable and easy DIY gift idea – S’mores mason jar Valentines! Add our free printable tag for the perfect finishing touch!

Smores Jar HERO

We absolutely LOVE s’mores around here! I don’t know what it is about the seemingly random concoction of graham crackers, marshmallows and milk chocolate bars, but OMG.  It’s the perfect snack or dessert! As you kick back around a campfire at your campsite, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores is always a great activity. The basic ingredients for s’mores is always a staple on our shopping list before a trip.

We have also mastered the fine art of making s’mores in our air fryer. (Actually it’s about the easiest thing you could ever try to do!) The air fryer is a nice indoor option which makes it great for rainy nights or any non-campfire nights.

So with Valentine’s Day rolling ever closer, we wanted to put together a fun s’mores themed mason jar gift. It went together in mere minutes and it really looks so cute and just ready for gifting! This DIY Valentine would be perfect for friends, teachers, campsite neighbors, you name it!

S’mores Valentine Gift Supplies

To make up these s’mores mason jar gifts, here is what you’ll need:

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Smores Jar Gift Supplies

How to Assemble the Gifts

1. Gather your food supplies.  We used the following amounts of food per jar: 8 snack sized Hershey’s bars, 5 graham crackers and 4 S’moremallow marshmallows.

Smores ingredients

2. We started with the graham crackers and placed them towards the back of the jar. Next, we filled in the space in front of the graham crackers with the chocolate bars. Finally, we filled the jar with marshmallows.

Filling Smores Jar

3. Place the lid on your mason jar.

4. Cut out the tag and sign the back if you’d like. Punch a single hole in the top corner of the tag.

hole punch tag

5. Wrap twine or ribbon around the jar lid. Tie the gift tag onto the twine.

smores tag

That’s it!

So simple and really cute!  This will make a cute and easy gift for friends and more!

Check out our other free printables! If you end up using these gift tags, let us know how your gift turned out! If you post a picture of them on social media, feel free to tag us. We’d love to see the tag in action!


Smores Valentine Jars PIN

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