Shibumi Shade Classic Review

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The Shibumi Shade is the hottest thing to hit the beach in over a decade! Check out some more information and watch our video of the shades in action on the beaches of NC.


Anyone who has ever traveled to the beach knows the struggle to find the perfect shade! Shade is almost always a bring-your-own type of beach accessory. Beach goers have MANY choices. From tents to umbrellas to pop-up cabanas, there are dozens of different types of shade.

This year we spent a week and a half camping in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. From the first day that we walked onto the beach, we were blown away by the sheer number of Shibumi Shades dotting the coastline! As far as our eyes could see, Shibumi Shades were flapping in the sea breeze. We quickly became intrigued by these shades and spent the week checking them out.

Shibumi Shade Classic Key Features

  • Ample Shade for 3-6 People:
    • The Shibumi Shade Classic is a decent size. You can comfortable fit a small family underneath the classic shade. Shibumi also makes a Shibumi Mini which is a smaller size for 1-2 people (great for couples or solo travelers).
  • Lightweight & Portable:
    • The shade itself is super light at less than 4 lbs. It comes with a storage bag and the pieces fold up easily for storage in the bag. The bagged shade is so light, even the kids can carry it to the beach. Definitely easier than heavy canopy tents or umbrellas.
  • Quick Set Up:
    • Shibumi boasts a quick set up time – less than 3 minutes. Even though this might seem far-fetched, the shade really does go up in a minimal amount of time. Once the shade is pulled out of the bag, it’s just a matter of connecting the poles, threading them through the canopy and planting them in the sand.
    • That convenient storage bag? That bag also doubles as the weight that holds the shade steady. Once the poles have been planted in the sand, you fill the bag up with sand. Secure the tether snap straps and you’re ready to sit under your Shibumi Shade!
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection:
    • Obviously protection from the sun’s harmful rays are one of the top reasons to use shade on the beach. The Shibumi Shades provide UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • Made from Recycled Materials:
    • Sustainability is certainly a buzz word these days, and for good reason. Anything we can do to support eco-friendly products is a great step in protecting the environment. Shibumi Shades are made from ocean-bound plastic. That’s pretty cool!
  • Wind-Powered Design:
    • What’s one thing that the beach is ALWAYS full of? Okay yes, sand and water. Besides that. WIND! Harness the sea breezes with your shade!
    • What happens if there’s no wind? Well, we did see that happen just a handful of times. The canopy definitely drops down when there is no wind. The solution? I highly recommend grabbing with Shibumi Shade Assist along with your shade. The wind assist lines attach to the Shibumi Shade’s corners and are anchored by sandbags to hold the shade out when the wind dies.

Is the Shibumi Shade Noisy?

When the wind gets crankin’, yes, the Shibumi Shade does produce a rustling sound. It wasn’t loud enough to be a deal-breaker for us (I NEED to be able to hear the waves!), but it WAS on the louder side. The Shibumi Shade with Quiet Canopy is going to be a great solution for that issue. From their site: “The softer fabric with added stretch is also stronger, and significantly reduces loud flapping in high winds.”

What’s Included:

  • Package Contents (Classic Shade):
    • Canopy
    • Poles
    • Carry Bag/Sand Anchor
  • Size & Materials:
    • 150 square feet shade coverage
    • 26″x5″ carry bag

Pricing and Shipping

Final Thoughts

We really enjoyed our week in the Outer Banks and talked to several Shibumi Shade owners during our stay. All offered rave reviews of their shades! Owners liked the lightweight portability of the shade and the super easy setup.

Be sure to check out Shibumi’s site!

Do YOU have a Shibumi Shade? Which one? We would love to hear how it’s working out for you! Drop us a comment and tell us about your experience.


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