RV Video Tour: Coachmen Apex 288BHS Ultra Lite

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Coachmen Apex 288BHS Ultra Lite Video Tour

Whether you are looking to upgrade to a new RV from an older model, or you are looking to purchase your very first trailer, the search can no doubt be a very stressful process. It’s not just about figuring out what kind of camper your vehicle can tow (though that’s pretty important!), but it’s also about the floorplan, the design style, the actual features of the camper. When you are lucky enough to find the camper that meets all of your wants and needs, it’s a great feeling. I urge you to keep looking until you find the right match for you and your family or travel companion(s).  A camper (new or used) is an investment and you need to be picky and make sure that what you end up with is what you really want!

Coachmen Apex 288BHS

Whenever possible, we highly recommend visiting an RV Expo to get the chance to physically walk around and climb inside lots and lots of campers. Get inside, open cabinets, let the kids try the bunk beds, really get a feel for these potential homes away from home!

We found our current camper after a very long day at a local RV Expo a couple years ago. We must have walked inside 20 campers, which was no easy feat with two young kids. To be honest, we were a fried lunch away from purchasing a completely different camper than the one we ended up with.  The camper that we almost got wasn’t our very favorite out of all the RVs we had toured that day, but it was the one we liked the most out of the ones we could not only tow but also afford.

We had been wheeling and dealing with the saleman for a good hour inside a camper model.  It was hot, the kids were starving, and we were stressed. It was a good time to break for some lunch, clear our heads, and we had every intention of heading back to that dealer and making the purchase. After lunch we detoured to the bathroom and, in an effort to hide the $5/ticket BOUNCE HOUSE, my husband steered our son down an aisle we had not yet ventured down. By the time my daughter and I left the bathroom and found them, he had fallen in love with the Coachmen Apex BHS288 Ultra Lite (2016).

This camper had everything we had hoped for and more. It was truly love at first sight for both of us. If you have a camper that you love, you know exactly what I am talking about!

Without further ado, I want to share this video with you.  We shot this video the week that we brought our camper home. It’s still brand spanking new in this video, right down to the instruction manual in the microwave and the factory-issue comforter on the RV mattress.

If you’re considering a Coachmen Apex trailer, no matter what layout (there are actually quite a few models to choose from!), our video will give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to design and interior furnishings.

Coachmen Apex Video Tour:

Our Favorite Features

There were many things that we loved right off the bat about our Coachmen Apex camper.  Some of the biggest standouts for us were:

  • Separate bedroom for us and a television that swivels around to the bedroom so that can watch a show or movie after the kids go to bed.
  • Plenty of USB outlets for our phones, tablets and other electronics
  • 2 entries into the camper – one into the living space and one into the bathroom (perfect for those late nights around the campfire)
  • Lots of storage inside the camper
  • Modern interior design with darker wood and furnishings

Some stock images from Coachmen of our trailer:

Coachman Apex Coachman Apex back

So that’s our current rig!

Even better? We still love it! We have spent a lot of time over the last couple of years really fine tuning this Coachmen Apex to make it our own.  We upgraded to a MUCH comfier mattress.  That was probably the best thing we did, in my opinion.  We added some pictures to the walls, though I still need to add more. We put up a key hook next to the door and other hooks throughout the camper for towels, sweatshirts, hats, etc.  We have cute welcome mats inside each of the two doors.  We have learned some AWESOME things to have in an RV, even though they’re not really considered necessities!

We have logged almost 10,000 miles in our camper in close to 2.5 years!  Yes, our road trip to Yellowstone last year made up a bulk of that mileage!  Add a trip to Disney, another to the Outer Banks, one to upstate New York and close to a dozen weekend getaways and total keeps climbing.  We know our camper pretty darn well at this point, and it’s a really good feeling to be able to say that we still love it.

If you haven’t found the perfect RV match for you yet, don’t give up hope.  Do get out there and visit area dealers to get inside as many units as possible. If an RV Expo comes within an hour or two of your home, definitely consider going. It’s such a gift to get the opportunity to tour dozens and dozens of campers in the same day.  Even though seeing so many campers at once might make your head spin a little, it is so helpful to have the chance to see them in the same lineup and narrow down your choices.  (Let’s not forget that RV Expos also tend to have some great sales and special show financing that you can take advantage of to save some money!)

That’s about it for our experience with our Coachmen Apex.  We would LOVE to hear from YOU!  What model do you call home away from home?  What are your favorite features of that model?  If you’re not currently an RV owner, what features are absolute must-haves for a future purchase?


RV Video Tour Coachmen Apex 288BHS Ultra Lite


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