Easy RV Hack: Motion Sensor Bathroom Nightlight

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If you have ever fumbled around in a dark RV bathroom at night, not wanting to turn on the light for fear of waking the whole family, you are going to LOVE this EASY RV hack! Install a motion sensor nightlight in your camper bathroom in just minutes. You will seriously wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

Camper Bathroom sink

RV Bathroom Nightlight Hack

Heading to the bathroom at night in a camper is a trip that can wake up the whole family. I’m not just talking about the noise as you trip over stuff on the floor. I am talking about the blinding light escaping over and under the bathroom door that illuminates the camper. But the alternative is using the bathroom in the dark, which doesn’t sound like a smart idea either. And even if the bathroom door was floor to ceiling, which would most likely create a mold producing nightmare, that much light tends to send me into wake up mode. This makes falling back to sleep a little tougher.

Budget Friendly RV Bathroom Nightlight Options

There are inexpensive motion sensing puck lights, but they tend to light up the bathroom in a similar fashion to the regular light. There are the in-toilet motion sensor lights that are intended to light up the bowl to help guide you via bowl illumination as you enter the bathroom. I am the person that usually cleans this toilet. And I guarantee I would not want to be the one to have to change the batteries in that light. The positives? This unit puts out a generous amount of light (but not TOO much) and it has a motion sensor.

I picked one up because it was so inexpensive, but I was determined to use it elsewhere than the toilet bowl.

Alternative Installation: Under the Sink

I held it all around the bathroom (at night) and quickly determined that anywhere in plain sight just looked obnoxious. So, I tucked it up under the sink countertop, just above where I mounted a toilet paper holder.

RV light Hack

Bingo! The light came with a chunk of double sided which holds it in place nicely without having to do any permanent damage to the countertop.

The “wand” is adjustable, so you can focus the light where you need it. I set it up so that it gives just enough illumination to see the toilet paper (which I’ve learned has to be quick dissolving, not just cheap dollar store stuff) and the area just in front of the toilet. It also stays on long enough for me to exit the bathroom and get back to snoozing on my comfy camper mattress.

rv Nightlight Hack

Motion Sensor Nightlight

Let us know how this works out for you if you decide to give it a try!

For us, it ended up being a cheap RV hack that made life in our camper a lot more enjoyable!

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6 thoughts on “Easy RV Hack: Motion Sensor Bathroom Nightlight”

  1. The Ikea shelf says it comes with hidden screws. We are trying not to screw anything into the walls. How did you mount the shelf?

  2. Nice idea with the light. I have a question about the item below the light the TP roll holder 🙂
    Our camper bath is very similar to yours, I’d say almost identical though our bath didn’t come with a TP roll holder.
    I’m hoping you might know where I could find one like the one you have.

    Most I have found online are to wide for the space on the side of the cabinet in our camper which is 5.75″

    • Our TP holder is just a plastic cheap-o that we found at Walmart! 🙂 It’s not an RV-specific holder, just a generic plastic TP holder.


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