RV First-Aid Kit Must-Haves

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Before you begin spending a lot of time with your family in your RV, you should put together a first aid kit that will contain some essential items. The right items will come in handy while you are traveling because you never know if someone will end up getting hurt, or if they will need medication for cramps, a headache, bug bites or body aches. Check out this list of four must-have items to include in your first aid kit. Check out these RV first-aid kit must-haves! 

RV First Aid Kit


The first and one of the essential items to add to your first aid kit are bandages. If you or someone with you ends up with a wound, it is necessary to cover that wound with a bandage to keep dirt from getting on it. 

You should purchase bandages in different sizes because you never know what type of injury you might end up with, such as a large scrape on the knee from a fall or a small cut on your finger. You can even find waterproof bandages that provide extra protection for when you are spending time in the water.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Not only do you need to have bandages, but you will also need to have hydrogen peroxide added to your first aid kit. The purpose of having hydrogen peroxide in the kit is to have a way to easily clean wounds. 

Hydrogen peroxide is known to rid the wound of dirt and harmful bacteria that can lead to an infection. The last thing you want to deal with is an infection when you are trying to enjoy yourself while spending time with your loved ones.

Over-the-Counter Pain-Relieving Medication

If you end up with stomach cramps, a headache, or even a painful wound that is bothering you, it helps to have over-the-counter pain medication available. You never know when you might need it, so why not have a bottle of it in your first aid kit? You can pick the pain medication that you prefer. If you are traveling with children, make sure to have kid-friendly pain medication available for them to take if need be, too. This is one of my favorite RV first-aid kit must-haves! 


You may wonder why it is a good idea to have tweezers in your first aid kit. When you are hanging around outdoors, and there are trees and twigs all around, there is always that chance of ending up with splinters. Instead of dealing with the pain and discomfort associated with splinters, you can easily pull them out with a good pair of regular tweezers.

Other Items to Include 

When you are putting a first aid kit together to put inside your RV, make sure the kit includes the essential items mentioned above. The items on this list will come in handy if you or anyone you are traveling with gets a cut or scrape, has pain, or even ends up with a splinter in their skin. Of course, there are other items you can include in this list, such as – 

It is better to have these items readily available than to end up with a medical issue and no way to resolve it. These essential first aid kit items are all affordable and easy to find. What would you add to this RV first-aid kit must-haves list?


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  1. Do NOT buy a first aid kit!
    There will be more stuff in there that is not needed than there is a need for and it will be overpriced. Get a plastic box with a latching lid and stock it yourself with the list above. You might add some things you are accustomed to plus something like teething pain drops which work well for splinter removal and a small magnifying glass.


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