RV Essentials for Camping at the Beach

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RV Essentials for Camping at the Beach

There’s no doubt: camping at the beach is an awesome time. There’s also a good chance that typical beach terrain and weather might require different gear than you usually load into your camper. Check out our list of beach must-haves for your RV.

RV Essentials for Camping at the Beach

Camping at the beach can be an incredible trip to enjoy with your RV. There’s nothing like sitting under a star-loaded sky, listening to the waves, and smelling that mix of salty air and campfire smoke. Whether you’re camping just off the dunes (like we just did at the Cape Hatteras KOA) or you’re actually on the beach, having your camper and all of your “stuff” right with you by the beach is a pretty great experience.

As with any new destination, it wasn’t long into our very first beach camping trip years ago that we started to brainstorm a small list of things that would have kept the camper a little cleaner and made our campsite a little more comfortable.

Weather and Sand Need to be Considered

Of course, almost any camping destination will land some dirt in your RV. However at the beach, it’s sand, sand, sand. There’s sand on the beach, of course, and then there’s a good chance that your campsite is a sandy one. Even if you park on a gravel or concrete pad, there will likely be and all around you.  You will have sand on your feet that inevitably gets dragged into the camper and coats the floor, gets on the bed sheets, etc.

Another element that goes hand in hand with coastal life is the constant wind.  Depending on the current weather, this wind can range from a gentle breeze to a full-blown gust.  Toss in the frequent summer thunderstorms that like to pop up late in the day at the beach and you have another factor to consider and prepare for.

RV Supplies that Make Beach Camping Trips Easier and More Comfortable

Take a look at the list of supplies that we use when camping at the beach.  These items make RV life a little easier and more comfortable during your trip.

RV Awning Mat – There is nothing more annoying that the sheer volume of sand and dirt that gets dragged into the camper! Grab one of these mats and stake it down under your RV steps. This area will give you a nice big spot to kick off shoes and knock excess sand off of your feet.

RV awning mat

Wrap Around Step Rugs – Sand and dirt are just one good reason to put wrap around step rugs on your camper steps. Most campers have metal steps with sharp edges. One slip or trip and landing on these steps could cause a decent cut or scrape. Pick up a set of wrap around step rugs and give yourself a little extra protection.  When you are camping in a dirt or sand prone campground, these rugs do a nice job grabbing those particles from your feet as you enter the RV.

Camper Rug Steps

Dish Pan – Pick up a simple plastic dishpan or even a shallow plastic tote would work great.  Fill the container with an inch or two of water and set it next to your camper steps.  Have everyone kick off their flip flops or sandals and step in the water for a quick foot rinse before entering the camper. This will cut down on a lot of sand dragged inside.

white dishpan

Lightweight Stick Vacuum – Storage space is certainly premium real estate in a camper. These simple vacuums are light and won’t take up much room. They are incredibly effective at cleaning up dirt and sand that gets dragged into the camper! We got this exact vacuum before heading to the beach for a week.  We used it (at least once) every single day and were amazed at how much sand it picked up off the floor and furniture.  Absolute fantastic addition to our camper!

Stick Vacuum in RV

Screened Tent – Typical beach campgrounds have little-to-no natural shade from trees.  In addition, the mosquitoes and other biting bugs are usually plentiful. Keep a screened tent in your camper for those occasions when you still want to relax outside and take in the sights, but can do so in shade and free from most biting bugs.

Coleman Instant Screenhouse, 15 x 13 Feet

Retractable Laundry Line – These laundry lines make a great addition to your camper (we have ours installed over the bathtub). It’s nice to have an extra space to hang wet towels after a shower or swimming.  Speaking of wet towels and bathing suits, we recommend getting a longer laundry line to string outside, for example across the front of your awning.  Don’t forget some clothespins!

LuckIn Retractable Clothesline Stainless Steel

Tablecloth Clips – That constant beach breeze that I mentioned earlier can wreck havoc on your tablecloth!  Bring some clips (and consider bringing extra!) to make sure your tablecloth is secure and not blown out to see on gustier days!

tablecloth clips

Extra doormats – You might already have a welcome mat inside the door of your camper.  Consider picking up a couple of extra mats and place them in the entryway of the RV.  This will give you a longer runway to knock sand off of your feet as you come in from the beach.

adventure awaits rv welcome mat

 Life Is Better at The Campsite

That’s our list!

What are YOUR beach camping must-haves?


RV Essentials for Camping at the Beach

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