RV Dollar Store Supplies for Your Camper

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Before you hit the highway with your RV, make sure you check out this shopping list of essential RV Dollar Store Supplies! The dollar store has MANY practical and useful items that you will want to have, both inside your camper and at your campsite.

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I am sure that you already have a long list of essential items to pack in your camper before each and every camping trip.  We have a big list too!  One of the things that I love the most about RV camping is that I can stuff our travel trailer full of useful items. One of the biggest advantages to having an RV for camping versus a tent is that you get to enjoy the great outdoors WITHOUT sacrificing some creature comforts.  (Okay, okay, and let’s be honest – some downright extravagance at times.. like that Instant Pot or countertop ice maker you can’t live without!)

Don’t want to tent camp but don’t own an RV? You can rent an RV just like you would rent a hotel room!!  Check out Outdoorsy – this is an incredible RV rental site!  (Think airBNB but for camping!!)

RV Camping Supply Shopping

So where are the stores that you always shop at before leaving town for a camping trip? We always go grocery shopping and then hit up either Walmart or the local camper dealer store for RV-specific essentials (seriously do NOT use regular toilet paper in an RV!!).

There is one more stop that we ALWAYS make before we leave home, and it might surprise you. We always stop at the dollar store before an RV camping trip! 

After you skim the list below, head over to the companion post to this one – DOLLAR STORE RV CAMPING HACKSThere is a little overlap between the two posts, but they are different enough that both are worth checking out!

Dollar Store RV Camping Hacks

RV Camping Dollar Store Supplies Shopping List

Here are our must-buy items from the dollar store for the RV, in no particular order!

Bottled Water – We typically bring our own bottled water for drinking and cooking when we camp. We use the water hookup at the campsite for showering and for the toilet and dish/hand washing. But for drinking, including coffee and ice making, we always use bottled water.

bottled water

Cleaning Brushes and Sponges – Grab a toilet brush, a dish brush, a couple of sponges and you’ll be set for keeping your camper clean and doing those after meal dishes.

cleaning brushes

Wooden Clothespins and Plastic Clips – We use the wooden clips to hang up wet towels and bathing suits and the plastic clips are great for holding tableclothes onto picnic tables!

clothespins and clips

Collapsible Fabric Bins – These are handy for all kinds of organization in your RV!  We keep some of these bins in overhead compartments and fill them with snacks and other supplies. We also use them in our various closets to hold small clothing items including socks, underwear and pajamas.  I will typically pack the clothing bins in our house and then we just carry them out to the camper and set them in the closets.  So easy!

collapsible fabric totes

Dampness/Moisture Eliminator I cannot emphasize this enough: these things are an RV MUST HAVE! We have been using these in our camper since we bought it about 4 years ago. The interior of our travel trailer is bone dry and the smell has absolutely ZERO hint of that typical moisture smell that most older campers have. We change out these little units every few months. Highly, highly recommend them!

damprid moisture eliminators

Dish Drainer – Grab a dish drainer so that you have a spot for your dishes to dry!

dish drainer

Dish towels and potholders – Always nice to keep a spare set of these in the camper. When I get them from the dollar store, they are so cheap, if anything happens to them or when they simply get yucky from using them, I toss them and buy new ones!

dish towels and potholders

Plastic Storage Containers – I mean, what aren’t these handy for? We use them to store everything from first aid supplies to art supplies!

dollar store plastic containers

Herbs and Spices – Round out that kitchen cabinet with some herbs, spices and seasonings to use when cooking on the road!

dollar store spices

Toiletries and other Health/Beauty must-haves – From hair elastics to toothpaste to q-tips, the dollar store has so many health, beauty and toiletry items. We always pick up spare toothbrushes as well.

dollar store toiletries

Tools – You might have a toolbox specifically for your RV (and that’s awesome!).  If you don’t, make sure you at least pick up the basics to take with you. At the dollar store you can find a screwdriver, wrench, hammer and more.

dollar store tools

Camper flags, flag holders and garden decor – It can be a lot of fun to decorate your campsite!  Pick up garden decorations like flags, flag holders and other items and dress up your campsite a bit.

camper flags

Doormats – We put a doormat inside AND outside each camper door (our camper has two doors).  This helps to cut down on the amount of dirt and sand that are inevitably dragged into the camper!


Dry Erase Board and MarkersInside our camper, by the front door, we hung up a dry erase board. Every time we pull into a new campground, we note our campground location and campsite number, as well as contact numbers for the main office and local hospital on the board.

dry erase board markers

Glow Sticks – We use glow sticks to increase the visibility of the kids around the campsite after the sun goes down.  The glow sticks make them much easier to spot!

glow sticks

Over the Door Hooks – Perfect for hanging up wet towels, sweatshirts and jackets, pocketbooks and backpacks, etc.

hooks and hangers

Basic Kitchen Utensils – Stock up your RV kitchen with all sorts of utensils and gadgets at the dollar store! From spatulas and slotted spoons to vegetable peelers and can openers – this is a great way to fill the kitchen on the cheap.

kitchen utensils

Disinfectant Wipes – Great for a quick bathroom wipedown or to clean up after an illness.

lysol cleaning clothes

Matches/Lighter – If you plan on having a campfire during your camping adventure, make sure you pick up matches and/or a lighter at the dollar store.


Napkins and Paper Towels – Pick up these paper goods at the dollar store. We always keep a roll or two of paper towels and a pack of napkins in the camper.

paper goods

Plastic Cups and Plates – We keep a set of plastic dishes in our camper year round. You may want to opt for plastic over glass because glass runs a greater risk of breaking as you drive. We even have a set of silicone wine glasses in our camper instead of traditional glass wine glasses.

plastic dishes

Hangers One of our favorite RV features is the ample closet space. Our travel trailer has 3 really decent sized closets! We keep a set of hangers in each closet.

plastic hangers

Tablecloths – We always have a tablecloth in our camper.  Actually, we have a reusable tablecloth in there. It’s a tad more eco-friendly than the disposable versions, but disposable is good to have in a pinch. Our campsites almost always come with a picnic table and that picnic table is almost always covered in pinecone needles, bird poop, etc. It’s nice to have a tablecloth in the camper to toss on the picnic table, rather than eat off of a dirty table.

plastic tableclothes

Shower Caddy – If your RV has a shower inside of it, consider getting some sort of shower caddy to keep your essential toiletries close but off of the tub or shower floor.

shower caddy

Shower Curtain – And while we’re talking about RV showers, you can even find shower curtains and liners at the dollar store!

shower curtains

Toilet Paper Holder – If your camper didn’t come with one, grab a new one and install it.

toilet paper holder

Soap and Toothbrush Holders – A little organization really goes a long way in an RV!  Maximize your living space with little caddies and holders like these.

toothbrush and soap holders

Small Travel Bottles – If you don’t have a lot of tub space, consider these smaller toiletry bottles for your shampoo, conditioner and other soaps!

travel bottles

Basic First Aid Supplies – We always keep bandaids, first aid cream, bug bite cream, basic medicine, a thermometer, etc in our camper first aid kid.

dollar store first aid supplies

Utensils and bakeware – Cheap, does the job, and if you lose one it’s no big deal to replace!

utensils and bakeware

Plastic Gloves – Your first thought might be to use these for washing the dishes.  And while sure, that would work just fine, we keep a supply of these with the SEWER STUFF.  That’s right – before you dump the dump, do yourself a favor and toss some gloves on your hands.  Because well?  Poop.

vinyl gloves

And there you have it!

Those are the 40 or so odd items that we like to pick up from the dollar store and keep in our RV.  Many of them are items of sheer convenience, while some are definitely items of necessity. Do you have anything you would add to our list?

List of items – copy and paste this list into your notepad before you head to the store!

Bottled Water
Cleaning Brushes and Sponges (including toilet and dish brushes)
Wooden and Plastic Clothespins
Collapsible Fabric Bins
Moisture Eliminator Packs
Dish Drainer
Dish Towels/Potholders
Plastic Storage Containers
Herbs and Spices
Toiletries/Health and Beauty Supplies
First Aid Supplies
Campsite Decor (flags, flag holders, etc)
Dry Erase Board and Markers
Glow Sticks
Over-the-Door Hooks
Basic Kitchen Utensils and Gadgets
Disinfectant Wipes
Paper Towels
Plastic Cups and Plates
Shower Caddy
Shower Curtain/Liner
Toilet Paper Holder
Soap and Toothbrush Holders
Small Travel Bottles (for shampoo, etc)
Flatware and Bakeware
Plastic Gloves

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30 thoughts on “RV Dollar Store Supplies for Your Camper”

      • A. Bucket. Or. Two. Is. Nice. To. Have.
        Also. A. Clothes. Line. Or. Rope.
        Old. Curtains. For. Privacy. Out. Side. Can. B. Hung. On. A. Rope. Or. Under. The. Outer. Edges. Of. Ur. Awning. I. Normally. Go. To. Thrift. Shop. And. Get. Material. An. Oven. Rack. Makes. A. Level. Surface. Over. A. Fire.

  1. We just bought our first camper and the dollar store is my bestie! I had most of ghis stuff for it already! Snd th he crafts you c as n makd for your camper too!

  2. I have found collvapsable bucket, dish washing. pans, dish drainers at Aldies Very handy for storage and use. Watch the adds for them especialy in the camping season.

    • you are about to enter one of the most exciting parts of your life, filled with lots of fascinating people & places, giving you amazing memories! Hubby & I are in our mid/late 70’s and have loved our camping vacations since our #1 child was born in ’65. Went many times a year, every year since, even teaching our foster children the joy of being “underneath God’s clear blue sky!” Sadly family illness & injuries had us put life on hold. But, God willing, once this Covid Crisis is under control, we’ll be rolling with ya’ll really soon!

  3. I bought wire shelves for kitchen overhead cabinet. Helps with being able to have a “double” shelve and find things instead of one big open space,p! Also, collapsible laundry hamper!

  4. The essential item for every RVer is a roll of heavy-duty masking or duct tape. Helps keep things in place, assures cabinets and drawers are closed, and loose items stay put. Plus, they can help repair damaged windows and screens when they (eventually) break or fail.

  5. Its very unlikely that you will go through spices quickly enough to justify purchasing full sized jars. I bought smaller containers and poured a bit of quality spices from my supplies at home. And Costco sells boxes of foil already cut into sheets, it lasts forever and is so convenient. The dollar store is great for some things but it saves some heartache to purchase quality too.

  6. Bought our first camper last year late sumner early fall. & still have not even slept in it! Lol immed bought a bed mattress topper but the one thing we or at least I didn’t notice is the extreme lack of storage inside! The first camper they showed us was horrible & looked like someone was sleeping in it. The 2nd one was the one we bought & the 3rd one was so tiny 2 people literally couldn’t move at the same time. I have been looking trying to figure out how to make it work with the least amount of frustration. In the kitchen there is …no lie. A ½ cabinet (one door 2 shelves) & that’s it. Beneath the sink is a door to put items & one drawer decent sized but no more that’s all there is! Above the TV in the living area high up are 2 tiny cabinets I figure dry goods & can hoods? Idk. There’s storage above the bed but I can’t always climb on the bed to dig out what I want. There’s no space for over the door baskets & definitely can’t be used on the inside. Ironically the bathroom has lots of storage but do I want dishes or food stored in there? Any ideas. Look up a Coleman couples camper think it’s a 2021 or 2020. Thanks in advance

    • I went to Big lots and bought the 3 tier rolling plastic filing cabinets one I have in the bathroom it’s fit in the tub for toilettes and clean towels storage. for the kids I got one and one in the kitchen area. I can rolling them out of the way or just lift them.
      Hope that helps.

  7. Why did you even buy it? Seems like an expensive investment to be just sitting there unused. Should have done research prior to buying.

  8. We have a camper with a tractable canopy and my husband is always hitting his head on it, so I put a pool noodle around the armed of it and fastened it up with zip ties so he see it and doesn’t hit his head any more.

  9. Get a small bottle of laundry soap. You never know when your going to need to wash something out by hand that cant wait till you get home.

  10. There are some great ideas. We have a 22ft travel trailer and love it. We go camping when ever we get a chance.
    My husband just sold his business and retired, I am still working but retiring on Dec. 23. Then after our grand son graduates in May of 2023 we are going out west with our camper and explore for 3 months.
    I have slot of things in the camper from dollar tree store. Just live going in there getting things for the camper.
    Can’t wait to retire after doing hair for 54yrs.

  11. This list and tips will be priceless to me one day! With God’s grace we will have our first RV in the next couple of years. We are shopping and planning now and I’m researching needed things. We also will travel with our two bloodhounds and our two cats…God willing everyone is still with us then! I bookmarked you site last night and had to come back to look at your list tonight!!! Thank you for this, it will make being a newbie so much easier! Y’all be safe out there!

  12. We just bought our second camper. I haven’t had one in 25 years. My son was a very little boy when we had our first camper and now is almost 30. Looking forward to enjoying many years and making tons of wonderful memories with our 12 year old daughter and spending time connecting as a family. After going through breast cancer in 2020 and cardiac arrest this year and flatlining four times it has awoke a sense of wanting to live life. I am looking forward to using your list and so many others on pintrest. Thank you for all of the suggestions. Made our first trip to Dollar Tree and bought some of what we will need. Many safe journeys my camper friends.


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