Adorable RV Camper Themed Bed Sheet Sets

Whether you’re looking for cute sheets to use in your camper, or camper themed sheets for your home-that-doesn’t-move, there are some great options out there! Check out these different styles of fun RV and camping themed bed sheets.

RV Themed Camper Bed Sheets

We absolutely LOVE shopping for camper themed decor to use both inside of our travel trailer and at home. Every time I find myself in a store with home decor, I always look to see if they have an area featuring items with a camping and/or camper theme.  If they do, it’s pretty much a given that at least one new piece will come home with me. I love camping themed pillows and towels, and of course anything with a cute glamper-style camper on it gets some consideration for purchase!

Beware the RV Short Queen Mattress

Before you dive right into sheet shopping, and if you are shopping for RV bed sheets, make sure you figure out exactly what size mattress you have. Despite many dealers advertising RV master bedrooms as having queen-sized mattresses, this isn’t always true. Actually, it’s almost always false. Most travel trailer bedrooms have short queen sized mattresses.  SHORT QUEEN. NOT QUEEN. So if you found yourself lying on your camper bed and felt like your toes were hanging over the bed, it’s a very real possibility. Short queen mattresses are actually a whopping 5 inches SHORTER in length than a traditional queen-sized mattress.

Side note: If you hate your camper mattress and think it’s uncomfortable, we have some great resources for upgrading your camper mattress! Make sure you take a look at these popular short queen mattress options if you’re looking for a comfier night’s sleep.

Finding the Right Fit

So as you might imagine, since the short queen mattress is not a typical standard mattress size, it can be difficult to find sheets that are made to fit properly. If you can find sheets that offer a “short queen” size, that’s going to be your best fit for a great fit.

If not, you have 2 options:

  • Purchase “full” sized sheets and try to stretch them out.
  • Purchase regular queen sized sheets and deal with them being a smidge too big.

LOL, I know, not a perfect solution. You can, however, use bed sheet fasteners which help to hold your fitted sheet to the mattress. They tend to work pretty well when your sheet refuses to stay in place.

And if you are purchasing these sheets for a standard sized mattress, all of this is irrelevant and you hopefully won’t have any issue with them fitting!

Camper Themed Sheet Sets

Check out these fun RV camper themed sheets! Also, make sure you read the descriptions carefully on the product pages. Some are fitted sheets and not full sheet sets. I included them because I thought they had really fun patterns!

The Glamping Life Style Bedding Sheet Set with Pillowcases

Camco Life is Better at the Campsite

Home Sweet Home RV Camping Sheet Set

Elite Home Products Deep-Pocketed Camper Caravan Sheet Set

Intelligent Design Microfiber Road Trip Sheet Set

The Lakeside Collection Our Favorite Place is Together Camper Sheet Set

The Lakeside Collection Campsite Sheet Set

Eddie Bauer Campout Sheet Set

Ambesonne Camping Themed Fitted Sheet (NOT SET)

Let us know how YOU decorate! Do you have camper themed items inside your camper? Or do you save them for your home? Or is your camper your home? Drop us a comment and let us know where you use camper themed decor!


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