RV Bathroom Hack: IKEA BROGRUND Shower Caddy

Organize your RV shower toiletries with this easy IKEA corner shelving unit. Check out the transformation in our shower! 

If there is one thing I wish our camper had – it’s more shower space. The shower in our RV bathroom is TINY. And while the actual size seems to be pretty standard in many campers (24 x 40 inches), it’s a rather tight space.

The first season that we camped in our camper, we just used the small shelf on the shower wall to hold our various items. After several trips of knocking shampoo bottles off of that shelf every time I turned around in the shower, I upgraded to a simple shower rack.

shower rack rv

And while this rack was better than the simple pre-fab shower wall shelf you see on the right hand side of the above picture, it wasn’t MUCH better. It moved when bumped and I cannot tell you how many times a gentle nudge would send shampoo, conditioner or body wash flying across the bathroom.

So imagine our surprise when we found a great bathroom storage solution… at IKEA of all places!

IKEA RV Bathroom Hack

Even funnier, we actually bought the IKEA BROGRUND corner wall shelf unit for our upstairs bathroom at home. We were going to put it in our shower stall, only to realize that it wasn’t a good fit in there.

The shelf unit was minutes away from being boxed back up and returned to IKEA. That’s when we had the idea to try it out in the camper bathroom. Guess what? It fit wonderfully in the back corner!

We mounted ours very high, so the top shelf is pretty close to the ceiling. The bottom two shelves are very accessible.

IKEA Shower Caddy

Stays put during travels

The shelves are nice and deep on this unit. We can lay our toiletries down in the shelves and they stay put. The shelves are also removable. This is convenient for washing them and also gives you the option to lay the shelves in the tub during transport.

There are two hooks on the bottom of the unit – perfect for washcloths, mesh body puffs, etc.

Overall, this shelf has ended up being such a nice addition to our RV bathroom, we wanted to share it with you!

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