11 RV Bathroom Essentials and Absolute Must-Have Items

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Stock your camper with these RV bathroom essentials before you hit the road! Here are our must-have supplies for your RV bathroom! 

RV Bathroom Essential Supplies

The better stocked your RV is before you leave home, the easier life on the road usually is. Loading up the camper with essentials before a trip can save you some stress and sanity. It can also save money when you aren’t having to pay a premium for various supplies at the overpriced campground general store. We always fill our camper with food and toiletries before every camping trip.

In an earlier post, we shared our must-have RV kitchen supplies. Today, it’s all about the RV bathroom! I have to tell you – our camper bathroom is probably my favorite spot in the whole trailer. The reason is simple – when we tent camped and later pop-up camper camped, I spent many nights wishing we had a bathroom. Instead, I had to walk across the dark campground with a flashlight during those inevitable middle-of-night have-to-pee trips. Now that we have a bathroom, I never take it for granted.

And while I do seriously love our camper bathroom, it sure is TINY. I don’t love the size. However, there are many easy ways to maximize the space in a small RV bathroom. Keep reading.

There are quite a few products and handy helpers that we have come to love having in our camper bathroom. I wanted to share them here in case you are looking for ideas. If you have a brand new camper, I highly recommend rounding up these items before your first trip!

RV Bathroom Essentials – Our Must-Have Items!

1. Motion Sensor RV Bathroom Nightlight – This one is one of our VERY favorites, so much that we dedicated at entire blog post to it. Check out this handy hack right here.

Motion Sensor Nightlight

2. Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer – We actually owned our camper for 2 or 3 years before we bought one of these.  I wish we had thought to get one sooner! This organizer is SO helpful. It not only gives us plenty of spots for toiletries, the clear pockets make it so simple to find those items in seconds.

RV Pocket Organizer on Door

3. Wall Mounted Toothbrush Holder (with protective cover) – This great toothbrush holder keeps the family’s brushes up and off the tiny sink counter. The protective cover helps to keep the germs, dirt, etc off of them. We typically put a new toothbrush for each family member in this holder before our first camping trip of the year. The toothbrushes remain in the camper until the end of the season, and then are thrown out.

RV Camco Toothbrush Holder

4. RV Toilet Paper – Yes, you need to buy RV-specific toilet paper. Yes, it matters. Yes, we wrote a whole lot more about why you should never ever ever use regular toilet paper in an RV.

RV Toilet Paper

5. Hanging Shelf for Shower – If your RV shower is anything like ours, it’s super small and rather cramped. Space to put soap, shampoo, etc comes at a premium as the tub ledges are thin and don’t hold much. You can increase your storage space for these items by adding a hanging shelf to your shower.

Along the same lines – consider a suction mount soap dish, razor caddy, and shampoo dispensers as well!

Shower Soap Hanging Rack

Update: Check out our latest RV bathroom hack – this awesome shower caddy in our RV shower!

IKEA Shower Caddy

6. Pop Up Trash Can – These trash cans are perfect for your RV bathroom!  They don’t take up a lot of space and they collapse down to practically nothing when it’s time to pack up for home.

RV Collapsible Bathroom Trash Can

7. Campa-Chem Holding Tank Treatment – We always add a bottle of Campa-Chem to our camper toilet as part of our setup process when we arrive at a campground. This holding tank deodorant helps to break down waste and also helps to absorb odors.

Campa Chem RV Holding Tank Deodorant

8. Anti-bacterial Wipes – Because well? It’s a bathroom. And you know what goes on in bathrooms. We always keep a container of wipes in our camper bathroom for quick wipe-downs and sanitizing.

Clorox Wipe

9. Towels and Extra Towels – Be sure to pack plenty of towels (also washcloths and hand towels) for your trip! We always pack more than we think we’ll need, just in case.

Hanging Towels

10. Retractable Laundry Line – One thing we never seem to have enough of in our camper? Places to hang wet towels and bathing suits! We added a retractable laundry line to our shower and use it on every single trip. It’s a great spot to hang your wet items and if they drip, they are directly over the bathtub.

Retractable Clothes Line 1

Retractable Clothing Line Strung

11. Hooks – We have wall hooks and over-the-door hooks in our camper bathroom. These come in very handy for hanging up towels, clothes and toiletry bags.

This post is more about “accessorizing” your RV bathroom space.

An earlier post that we wrote addresses the actual RV Septic Tank System and the essential supplies you will want to have on hand to keep that in proper working order.

RV Septic Must Have Supplies

What are some of your absolute must-have essentials for your camper bathroom? Anything that isn’t on our list? Leave a comment – we would love to hear what has worked well for you!

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  1. We put a caddy that attaches to the wall for shampoo, conditioner and body wash. You just push the button to dispense as much as you want. No bottles or bars of soap falling or being knocked down. I bought it on Amazon and I LOVE it!


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