10 Random Things to Buy for Your RV

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Heading out on the open road in your RV with friends and family while getting to see incredible new places sounds like a dream vacation to a lot of people. So what could possibly go wrong?  

Random RV Essentials

We have rounded up a bunch of different RV must-haves over the years.

Here are our favorites:

So why write another post of must-haves? Well, let’s just call this one: random stuff for your RV. Some of these have been included in other posts, some have not. All are (we think) fairly random but all are helpful to have!

Random RV Supplies

While you may have all the right intentions, it doesn’t mean that you won’t run into a few hiccups along the way. But I’d like to help you avoid a few of them and make your camping experience a little more enjoyable. These are 10 camping items to consider tossing into your RV before you leave home. 

1. Leveling Blocks

Not only will you get a lousy night of sleep when you’re parked on a slant, but it can take a negative toll on your refrigerator as well. So if your RV doesn’t come with an automatic leveling system, you’re going to wish you had these durable leveling blocks

2. Awning Sunshade

Have you ever been to a campground that has literally no shade? Not only is the sun blinding, but at times it can be unbearably hot because of the sun’s rays. This Awning Sunshade will provide you with a more comfortable and shady place for everyone to relax, along with a little extra privacy.  

3. Command Utility Hooks

When you live in a tiny space it doesn’t take long before the clutter starts to get to you. Command Hooks are awesome for hanging items like keys, belts, dog leashes, and can also be used to tidy up your power cords when you’re not using them.

4. Stack-A-Plate

Tired of having to clean up broken dishes every time you reach your next destination? This Stack-A-Plate gadget will provide your dishes with some protection during transit and also help keep your cabinets organized. 

5. Double Cupboard Bar

Your dishes aren’t the only thing that you have to worry about falling out of your cabinets. This Double Cupboard Bar can extend from 10 to 17 inches and can keep your food, household cleaners, and other RV items securely tucked in place.  

6. Solar Oven

There are certain campgrounds scattered across the country that have fire restrictions that don’t allow campfires. So if you don’t particularly enjoy preparing meals in your RV due to the limited kitchen space, you’re going to need another cooking method. This solar oven is an eco-friendly choice and comes with two baking trays, a thermometer, an enamelware pot, that all fits in a carrying bag.   

7. Oxygenics Showerhead

Water pressure in most RV showers is usually a bit lacking.  Make your shower experience feel a little more like home with this handheld showerhead made by Oxygenics. 

8. RV Toilet Chemicals

Don’t ever allow your RV to get to the point where it starts to smell more like an outhouse than a vacation vehicle. This holding tank deodorizer does a great job minimizing odors while breaking up any solid waste in your RV holding tank.  

9. Portable Projector

Want to feel like you’re at the movies? This portable projector is great for the outdoors and comes with a Bluetooth speaker, autofocus, versatile connectivity, and compatibility. 

10. RV Emergency Kit

You just never know when an emergency could take place, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This is especially true when you’re hundreds of miles away from home. Be sure to check out some of these emergency essentials that every RV owner should have in their emergency kit

Check out this basic roadside emergency kit. It includes many of the basic essentials.

RV camping is supposed to be about kicking back and relaxing without having to sweat the small stuff. Having these RV camping items on hand will make your camping experience go a whole lot smoother! 

What would you add to our list? Drop us a comment and let us know! 


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