Printable RV Campground Setup Checklist

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Have you ever arrived at your campsite, parked the RV and then thought, “what next?” You’re not alone!  We have lots of tips to help you set up your campsite and you can get our free printable RV campground setup checklist to use as a cheat sheet when you’re on the road!

RV Campground Arrival Printable Checklist

There are two things that we know to be very true:

  • Camping is awesome.
  • Setting up an RV can be very intimidating.

When you pick up your new camper from the dealer and you have your walk-through on how to use its 50 trillion gadgets and hookups and features, you’re pretty much guaranteed to forget a lot of that info. That’s normal! The cool thing, is that once you walk through the setup and breakdown process a few times, you will become faster and a lot more efficient.

How to Setup Your RV at a Campsite

We put together a list of our most important dos and don’ts for setting up your camper at a site. At the end of this detailed list, you will find a link to print a more condensed version to take on your travels.

At Check-In

  1. Confirm with staff that your site has the amenities you booked. You more than likely chose a site based not only on location, but on the amenities you preferred, including water, electric, sewer and cable tv. Make sure that your assigned site does indeed have these options before you drop your rig there.
  2. Check with staff for major campground info that you need to be aware of during your stay. These can include quiet hours and other campground rules, campfire policies, dumpster and bathhouse locations, etc.

Campsite Arrival

  1. Walk your site. Check for glass, dog waste, etc. Look for low hanging branches that could damage your RV. We recommend keeping an electric blower in your camper for quick site cleaning. (Also great for blowing leaves and branches off of slide-outs before you pack up for home.)
  2. Note the hookup locations to ensure you park your camper close enough to reach the connections.
  3. Park your RV and chock your wheels. We like stabilizing chocks in addition to standard wheel chocks.
  4. Rough level your camper. Check to see that your campsite isn’t too far off level. If it is, you might have to put leveling blocks under the wheels.
  5. Put the jacks down. 

RV Set-Up

  1. Level camper with on-board levelers. Make sure the camper is level before you start connecting electric, water and sewer lines.  There is nothing more annoying than hooking everything up, only to realize your camper isn’t level and needs to be moved.
  2. Connect electric. Turn off breaker (if accessible). Connect electric to the camper, plug into receptacle, then turn the breaker back on.
  3. Connect water. Be sure ALL water  spigots in the camper are turned OFF. Then connect the water. We highly recommend using a water pressure regulator to prevent damage to your RV due to high water pressure.
  4. Connect sewer. We recommend using downhill hose supports to help waste flow. Leave valves CLOSED for black and gray water until you are ready to dump the waste. When dumping: black water first, then gray to flush it out.
  5. Connect cable TV (if available). 
  6. Pop out all slides. 
  7. Set up camper. Swap fridge from gas to electric. Get ice maker filled up and turned on. Unpack appliances, toiletries, etc. Put awning out and set up site.
  8. Sit back, relax and ENJOY!

Printable RV Campground Setup Checklist

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  1. Thanks for this. We just retired. We finally got our RV 🤓! Always been tent campers. Excited for our first trip (close to home) in a couple weeks. Make people smile today😁

  2. So excited, camped as a child with parents. Now as a widow, I have my own camper and going out this weekend! Can’t wait. Thanks for all the helpful information for us beginners!

    Be Blessed!


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