Printable RV Buying Guide Worksheet

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Keep all of those amazing RV models that you have walked through straight with our free printable RV buying guide worksheet! Perfect for dealerships, expos and shows!

RV Shopping Guide Printable Worksheet

Have you ever taken a stroll through a RV dealer lot? How about an RV show or expo? As you explore model after model, chances are good that the features, tow weight, camper length and other features all start to muddle together.

We were at a smaller RV show a few weeks ago and after the 4th or 5th model that we toured, I started to have trouble keeping them all straight.

There are so many features, sizes, brands and layouts to consider when you go to buy an RV.  The entire process can be overwhelming at the least! We made up this printable RV buying guide worksheet to help you keep everything in one place as you start to shop for your new home-on-wheels.

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Do your pre-purchase homework

The worksheet is very straightforward and easy to use. You can print out as many as you need.

At the top of the page, you can jot down the dealer’s name and the date. There is a spot to write down the tow capability for your tow vehicle.  Make sure you figure that out before you start to narrow down your favorite campers.

If you are trading in an older unit, do your homework before you head out and try to get a ballpark estimate for its trade-in value.

It is also a smart idea to sit down and take a look at your financial situation. Figure out what your budget is for a new camper. For us, this always includes a breakdown of monthly payment amounts. If you go into the buying process knowing exactly what monthly payment you can afford, you won’t waste your time negotiating a deal on a unit that is well over-budget.

Must-haves and deal-breakers

What are the absolutely MUST-HAVES for your new camper? How about total deal-breakers? There are spots to jot these items down so they stay on your mind as you shop.

For us, we always say that any model we upgrade to MUST have a bigger shower, U-Shaped dining, and a bunkhouse room for the kids.

Take a few minutes to write down these items before heading out to shop!

rv outdoor kitchen

Record specific model numbers

Sometimes the sheer number of layouts offered by any one RV manufacturer on a particular brand/model can be staggering. Make sure you write down the specific camper model numbers that you liked on this worksheet. This will ensure that you remember exactly which floor plan you liked the best!

Printable RV Buying Guide Worksheet

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