Printable Campfire Game: Campfire Tales Storytelling Game

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Campfire games are so much fun!  Similar to traditional campfire ghost stories, this Campfire Tales game will get campers engaged and keep them entertained as they tell a story around the campfire. The fun twist? The story unfolds as they tell it, and every time you play, a different story is told. Grab our story prompt cards below! 

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One of our favorite things about camping is of course the quality time that we get to spend with friends and family. When we head out into the great outdoors, we try to unplug as much as we can and most nights around the campfire we put away our screens and enjoy time together. My kids are still a little young for ghost stories around the campfire, so this new printable is the perfect way for us to create a not-so-scary tale.

This campfire game reminds me of Mad Libs mashed with a “choose your own adventure” book. It will encourage everyone to participate in the story and the story prompts are visual-based, not text-based, so even little kiddos who can’t read can still join in and feel like independent players.

Printable Campfire Tales Game

Get the printable: Campfire Tales

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How to Play this Game

  1. Print out our Campfire Tales game.
  2. Cute out the picture cue cards. (You can store them in an envelope or ziploc bag when not in use!)
  3. Sit in a circle around a campfire with friends. The first player will draw a card and begin the story.
  4. Set a 3 minute timer. When the timer goes off, the person to the right of that player will draw a card and take over the story, using the card drawn as a prompt for a twist.
  5. Continue setting a 3 minute timer for each player until you run out of cards. The person who draws the last card will choose the story’s ending.

My kids love this game and we always have a lot of laughs as the tale unfolds!

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