Popular RV Trends in 2020 – What’s New and What’s Trending!

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Wondering what’s hot in the RV world this year? Check out what popular RV trends we found at several local shows! 

RV Expo Floor

Every year we have our choice of several different RV shows within a 1 to 2 hour drive of our home. And while we certainly aren’t in the market to buy a new camper every time we go to a show, we love wandering through aisle after aisle of new campers to see what’s new and popular.

RV Shows are great places to explore new models and see what’s trending

This year we made it to two RV shows and spent several hours at each show climbing in and out of new rigs. It has only been about four years since we purchased our current travel trailer. Yet it was really interesting to see some of the ways that new technology is already in use in these models.

After we toured the first dozen campers or so, we started to make a mental list of what features and accessories seemed to be the most popular. We also made a point to talk to several manufacturer reps who were in attendance. We asked them what trends they were seeing and what features were popular.

Some of the Most Popular RV Trends This Year

When we returned home, we sifted through all of the pictures and videos that we took in all kinds of different model layouts. We saw travel trailers, 5th wheels, Class A units, Class C units and hybrid trailers. Getting the chance to walk around so many different camper layouts in one day is one of our favorite things about going to a show. Check out this round up of the top popular RV trends this year.

Rear living space

We found so many models boasting an impressive rear living space. Big screen tvs, plush couches, massage chairs and big panoramic windows that look out the back of the camper were observed in a bunch of campers. Some trailers had state-of-the-art sound systems as well. These layouts make indoor entertaining a cinch when bad weather strikes!

Rear Living Space RV


I remember that RV fireplaces were a pretty unique find years ago, and often this feature was reserved for the more high-end models.  That’s not the case anymore! We found camper after camper (5th wheels, travel trailers, Class C) with fireplaces inside. While most of these campers had the fireplace in the living room area (or rear living space if present), I know that we saw at least one unit that had a fireplace in the master bedroom!  Pretty cool!

Fireplace in RV

Bunk Houses

This is one of the features that we would need to have if we ever upgrade our camper. Bunk houses for the kids are gaining popularity BIG TIME. We found back bedroom spaces with single and double bunks, even one model with a QUAD bunk!  These areas are perfect for your kids’ room. It gives them a fun space of their own to retreat to and hang out.

Check out this SUPER impressive bunk house – ROCK WALL and all!!  (Our kids went CRAZY over that feature!)

Rock Wall in RV bedroom

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever!  Did you see our recent post that was dedicated entirely to RV outdoor kitchen must-haves? Outdoor kitchens are super convenient and offer a nice space to cook or grill without being contained to the camper. Cooking outside also  keeps the food smells out of our RV.

RV outdoor kitchen b

Solar and Wifi Hookups

Here’s an example of new tech in campers. We found many camper models offering on-board WiFi which was pretty neat. We also observed many RVs being advertised as “solar hookup ready.” This means that you could put a solar panel on your unit that will help power the rig via battery.

RV Wifi upgrade

Toy Haulers

Years ago, it seemed that the majority of toy haulers were in the form of 5th wheel campers. Toy haulers are the campers that have a big storage space/deck. This makes it easy to haul your quads, golf cart and other “toys.”  When you arrive at your campsite and unload your toys, you can use the back space as a party deck.

We saw a bunch of 5th wheel toy haulers, but also quite a few travel trailer toy hauler models.

Toy Hauler RV Deck

Pantry Space

Seems so innocent and inconsequential, right? If you have ever tried to pack the camper for a long journey, you know that RV pantry space often comes at a premium. We were delighted to find so many camper models with ample storage space for food! You might also like to check out our camper pantry hack if you have a storage space under your RV master bed.

RV Pantry

Have you been to an RV show lately? What were some of the most popular features that you saw over and over again as you explored? If you were to buy (or upgrade) a camper, what are the absolute MUST-HAVE features that you have to have?

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Top RV Trends 2020

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