Popsicle Stick Tent Craft

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Check out this fun and simple camping themed craft! Perfect for arts and crafts time at camp OR as a creative activity at home, this popsicle stick tent craft is a great choice. The tents would make great accessories for small dolls, too! Follow our tutorial below to make your own tents.

popsicle stick tent HERO

Camping Tent Craft

I just love how this DIY craft turned out and I am excited to type out this tutorial for you. We made a couple different tent crafts using wooden craft sticks and popsicle sticks. They would be a perfect summer boredom buster or a wonderful camping themed activity at school or camp. Popsicle stick crafts are a great choice for any age crafter.

Kids can construct a popsicle stick tent with minimal supplies. These tents would look great on a shelf and can be played with as well. They would make the perfect props to use with small dolls and action figures.

Turn the tents into a little campsite with a tealight candle as the campfire. (We used a tealight placed just inside the tent opening to give the tent a soft glow.)

Popsicle Stick Tent Craft Supplies

Gather up the following supplies to make some tents of your own:

popsicle stick tent supplies

Let’s make some tents!

Popsicle Stick Tent Tutorial

Follow the steps below to make your own tent crafts.

1. The first step is to assemble a popsicle stick design into the tent frame. Take 2 popsicle sticks and use the hot glue gun to glue them as pictured below. Repeat this step with another pair of popsicle sticks.

Glued a frame

2. Take 3 more popsicle sticks and use scissors to cut the rounded ends off of each one.

cut popsicle sticks

3. Glue all of the sticks together to create a frame for your tent. The ends of the sticks that you trimmed will be glued to the first 2 pairs of sticks that you glued together. Use the picture below as a guide.

popsicle sticks and glue
popsicle stick frame

4. After assembling the frame, you can see the triangular shape. Next it’s time to make the tent covering! Measure a rectangle-sized piece of construction paper to fit over the top of your tent as the roof.

paper rectangle

5 Drape the paper over the frame of your tent and use the double-sided tape to secure the paper to the popsicle sticks.

Covered tent

Repeat the process for any additional popsicle stick tents you want to make! You could definitely make a whole bunch of tents and set up a whole campsite with sweet little tents.

2 popsicle stick tents
2 finished tents

That’s it!

They are so adorable!

One additional adornment you could add if you would like, would be to decorate the exterior popsicle sticks with a black marker or colorful markers. They would look neat with swirls, shapes, lines or symbols draw on them! Glitter glue would also be a creative medium to use to add embellishments to the sticks.

I love how these tents turned out and I am thrilled to add it to the craft ideas on this site. Take a look through our other DIY posts for more easy crafts. More fun projects coming soon!

These tents will work well for a fun boredom buster while you chat about a previous or upcoming family camping adventure.

Let us know if you end up giving this craft a try! Tell us how it turned out for you. If you post a picture of your tent popsicle stick crafts on social media, feel free to tag us. We would love to see how they turned out!


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