Peeps S’mores Kits for Campground Trick or Treating

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Looking for a budget-friendly, FUN treat to hand out at the campground this year? These Peeps s’mores kits are campfire-ready, easy to assemble, and perfectly themed for campground trick or treating!

Peeps Smores Treat Kits Close Up

Campground Trick or Treating

If you have ever camped during the fall months, you might have stayed at a campground that offered trick or treating activities.  Fall is an incredibly popular time for camping and many campgrounds ramp up their activity schedules with harvest and Halloween themed activities for all ages. Traditional trick or treating that you are most likely familiar with takes place in neighborhoods and kids in costumes walk from house to house and receive candy.

Over the years, traditional trick or treating has remained quite popular. In addition, towns and organizations enjoy “trunk or treat” events and other holiday themed gatherings.

Campgrounds are no exception! If you are camping in October, particularly over Halloween, kids love to trick or treat from campsite to campsite!

We have really easy and fun idea for treats to hand out to trick or treaters: Peeps s’mores kits!

Peeps S’mores Kits Halloween Treats

Few things are more iconic to camping than a roaring campfire and s’mores treats. This Halloween treat takes that popular treat and puts a fun twist on it. These kits are so easy to make and even easier to hand out to trick or treaters or party guests.

Every year starting in late summer, you can find Halloween themed Peeps marshmallows at just about every grocery store or big box store. We used the ghost variety for these treats, but feel free to use whichever ones you like better.

S’mores Kit Supplies

To make these treat kits, you will need the following supplies:

Peeps Smores Kits Supplies

How to Make S’mores Kits

To assemble the bags:

1. Break the graham cracker rectangles in half. Place the halves in a treat bag.

chocolate bars and graham crackers in treat bags

2. Add 1 Hershey Bar and 1 Peep to each bag.

peeps treat bags stuffed

3. Tie each bag closed with a ribbon.

Peeps Smores Treat Kits HERO

That’s it!

You will be trick or treat ready in no time! These little favor bags look adorable and are easy to hand out. Kids can enjoy building their s’mores and eating them! You can eat these treats without melting the Peep, or the Peeps could certainly be melted over a campfire just like a traditional marshmallow. (You can also make s’mores in your air fryer and these kits would work great for that!)

Let us know if you decide to give these Peeps s’mores kits a try and how they worked out for you! 


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