Paper Plate Compass Craft

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This paper plate compass craft is a fairly simple paper craft that kids will be able to complete with minimal help. Make this compass craft for a summer camp art activity or as the perfect tie-in to a preschool or elementary school lesson on the outdoors. Follow the directions below to make these paper plate compasses.

paper plate compass HERO

Camping Adventure Crafts for Kids

I always love adding new camping crafts to the site! I really try to include a variety of different ideas, both for kids and adults to try. (That’s right – I firmly believe that one is never too old to spend time crafting!)

This paper plate compass craft does not require many supplies and can be completed in about 30 minutes (depending on how quickly your paint dries). It is the perfect craft for even the littlest explorers.

Another option, if you want to avoid paint altogether, is to use crayons or markers to color your paper plate. Never be afraid to add your own creativity to a project. A little creative flair is always awesome!

Let’s get crafting!

Paper Plate Compass Supplies

Gather up the following material to make your own compass:

paper plate compass craft supplies

Compass Craft Instructions

Follow these simple directions to make a compass:

1. The first step is to paint or color the paper plate. We used blue and white acrylic paint that we mixed together to get a lighter blue hue. You can use paint, crayons or markers to give your plate a full coating of color. If you paint the plate, set it aside after painting to let it dry before moving to the next step.

acrylic paint and paper plate
paper plate painted blue

2. Trace 2 4-pointed star shapes on the piece of white cardstock. Cut each star out. These will become your templates for the next step.

Star outlines and scissors
traced stars

3. You can trace these templates on the yellow and red construction paper, OR you can glue them to the construction paper and then cut the glued papers, using the cardstock stars as your guide.

stars paper and glue
Tracing stars
Cut out stars

4. Use double-sided tape to stick the two stars, one on top of the other, to the center of the plate. Use our photo guides as a reference.

compass pieces
Pieces glued on paper plate

5. Cut a small yellow circle from the construction paper and tape or glue it to the very middle of the stars.

yellow paper dot
paper plate compass glued together

6. The final step to this craft is to write some direction symbols on the plate with the black pen or marker. Start at the top (12 O’Clock position) of the plate and label it with an N for North. Add a new direction going clockwise in this order: NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW.

I put the cardinal directions (north, east, south, west) at the larger red points and wrote those letters a little bit larger than the other directions.

paper plate compass and black marker
paper plate compass finished

That’s it!

This compass will work so nicely with other map activities that you might be working on in your classroom. Hang them up for some bright decorations in the class or on your hallway bulletin board!

This fun craft would also work well as a birthday party activity. If you are throwing an outdoors or camping themed birthday party, set these supplies up for a party craft that guests can make and take home with them.

I hope you enjoyed this fun activity!

If you gave it a try, definitely circle back and let me know how it turned out for you! If you post a picture of the completed craft on social media, feel free to tag me. I would love to see how it turned out!


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