Must-Haves for Campsite S’mores Night

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Whether your campsite s’mores night is an ongoing occurrence or tends to be more spur-of-the-moment, it is super helpful to have certain supplies on hand! Check out our list of must-haves for campsite s’mores night! 

Marshmallow on Fire Campfire

I don’t know about your family, but our fam is ALWAYS up for a night filled with yummy s’mores! We even learned about to make s’mores in our air fryer so that we can enjoy this tasty treat on rainy days.

We have gathered up our campsite s’mores must-have ingredients and tools.  You can check them out below!

The Food

Now of course, first comes the food!  There is SO much variety available for s’mores making!  You can start with the 3 staples: marshmallows, Hershey chocolate bars and graham crackers. Feel free to branch out a bit! Try jumbo campfire marshmallows or now there are even square-shaped marshmallows.  There are so many cookies that making amazing s’mores. Try swapping the graham crackers for some of those varieties!

Mickey Mouse Bucket Hershey's Chocolate

The Fire

Many campgrounds offer a fire ring at each campsite.  This will of course vary by campground and is dependent upon many factors. For example, Disney’s Fort Wilderness does not provide campfire rings, however you are allowed to bring Disney-approved fire pits into the campground to use at your site. You can call ahead and ask your campground if your specific site will have a fire ring available. If not, and they state that fire pits are permitted, you can always bring your own.

Don’t forget to bring some easy fire starters to get that fire burning quickly. We always keep a lighter or two in our camper as well.

No fires allowed? A can of sterno on top of the picnic table can work just fine!

Campfire Fire Pit Disney Fort Wilderness

Handy Tools

There are some handy tools that will help you roast your marshmallows a little safer!  We love these telescoping skewers – they allow the user to get their marshmallow over the fire’s heat while standing clear of the fire. This S’mores Grilling Basket lets you roast all of the ingredients at once!

Oh! And don’t forget to have lots of wet wipes on hand for cleaning up those messy, sticky s’mores hands and faces!

Marshmallows and Telescoping Skewers

We’d love to hear what YOUR campfire s’mores must-haves are!  What are your favorite ingredients?

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