Metal Tablecloth Clips Review – Picnic Table Must-Have

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If you have ever watched the wind blow your tablecloth off of your campsite table, this is the review post for you. Check out these easy-to-use metal tablecloth clips! See how easy they are to use and how cheap they are to purchase. These clips have earned a permanent spot in our camper!

Tablecloth Clip on Table

During our first year of camping in our new camper, we learned a LOT. Each time that we rolled the trailer into a new campsite, we got a little quicker and more efficient with the setup. And our each outing we also learned lots of tips, tricks and things NOT to do.

On our very first outing, we set up our campsite and were excited to break out our brand new portable grill and cook up some burgers for dinner. Our plan was to eat outside. It wasn’t until I went out to start setting the table that I noticed how disgusting the campsite picnic table was. First of all, it was wet, thanks to some overnight showers the night before we arrived. Next, it was full of pine tree needles and sap. Ants were crawling over it and yes, it was also decorated with bird poop.

That was the last time we camped without bringing a tablecloth in our camper! 

Once we solved the issue of COVERING the table, we quickly learned how just one gust of wind could sweep the table of the covering PLUS our food.

Metal Tablecloth Clips Review

Eventually we came across these very simple looking metal clips that are meant to clip onto a table’s edge and hold the tablecloth in place.

We bought this set: T-Antrix Tablecloth Clips 12 Packs Picnic Table Clips

The set arrived quickly from Amazon and the clips were all intact and appeared to be well-packaged.

https://glamperlTablecloth Clips in

Our Experience Using the Clips on Our Table

We placed our tablecloth over our table and pulled out the first clip. It slid over the edge of the table with no issues.

I typically place these clips around the table anywhere from one to two feet apart from each other. We have left the clips on the table for the duration of our camping trip (typically camping trip is 2-3 days long). They have consistently stayed in place and held our tablecloth in place!

The clips work well with any type of tablecloth – plastic, fabric, etc.

Storage: We store these clips in a plastic sandwich bag and keep the bag in the camper cabinet next to the door. (Right next to the tablecloth!)

Video Review: Check out the video review that we put together to show these clips in action. (The video should auto-play when you load this post.)

Do you have a set of these clips? Let me know what you think of them! 

Metal Clips for Picnic Table

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