How to Upgrade Your RV Mattress

How to Upgrade Your RV Mattress

Upgrading the mattress in your RV is a lot easier than you might think!  Here are some tips on how upgrade the mattress in your home away from home without breaking the bank!

RV Bed

One of the biggest takeaways from our first camper (a pop up camper) was how uncomfortable the mattress was.  The standard factory issue mattress in that camper was extremely thin and, as with a typical pop up, laid on a piece of plywood.  I remember being so dissatisfied after one night’s sleep in that camper, that we used to bring an air mattress with us and place it on top of the regular mattress.  That made sleeping a little more comfortable but was very far from great.

When we upgraded from the pop up to a travel trailer and brought our Coachman Apex home, we were hopeful that the mattress would be a little comfier to sleep on than the pop up’s bed.  NOPE.  Sadly, it was not.  It was super uncomfortable and we found ourselves waking up with sore backs after every night spent in the camper. It turns out, it’s no wonder the bed produced such a lousy night’s sleep… this is what we found on the inside of our mattress… it’s literally just a hunk of plastic smushed together with some thin padding on both sides.  (Imagine sleeping on a pile of milk cartons and you’ll come close to what our experience was like.)

Plastic Camper Mattress

Where to Buy RV Mattresses for Campers

Once we caught a glimpse inside our mattress, we knew that an upgrade to a more supportive and comfortable mattress had just climbed to a top spot on our camper wish list. Of course, there are two big considerations to keep in mind when it comes to buying an RV mattress: you have to make sure your mattress fits in the camper (many campers have “short” mattresses which are a few inches shorter than standard mattress sizes).  You also have to make sure you can fit your new mattress in the camper door!

We started looking for a new mattress at a couple of area camper dealers.  That search ended pretty quickly because the mattresses we were finding were all very pricey – more than we were looking to spend.

Back to the drawing board, we turned to the internet.  We ended up finding the dreamiest (pun intended) mattress EVER on Amazon. Yes, that’s right. We purchased a Zinus Memory Foam Short Queen Mattress for right around $200. We were already familiar with mattresses that come vacuum-sealed (we have a Ghostbed mattress on our bed at home). With a 2-week long RV road trip to Yellowstone on the horizon and needed to make sure that we had a comfortable place to rest our weary heads!

So here’s a look at what we started with:

RV Factory Mattress

This is what we ended up with:

New Camper Bed

Here’s a comparison of the two mattresses:

RV Mattress Comparison

Needless to say, we LOVE (LOVE!!!!!!!!!) our new mattress.  It is beyond night and day difference and now we crawl into our RV bed and fall asleep in what feels like seconds.  After a day full of fresh air and a night around the campfire, our heads hit the pillow and we wake up feeling rested and great.

Unboxing Our RV Mattress


How to Upgrade Your RV Mattress

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