How to Make a DIY Campsite Essentials Caddy

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If you have ever found yourself in the middle of a camping trip looking for the can of bug spray for the 17th time, this post is for you. See how we put together a super convenient campsite essentials caddy that is easy to access and stocked with common camping essential supplies.

Camping Essentials Caddy

A few years ago, we wrote a post about dollar store RV hacks that has gone on to be quite popular on the interwebs. We gathered our favorite tips and tricks that make camping a little easier and a bit more organized and that all incorporate budget-friendly items you can find at most dollar stores. As I was combing through past posts this weekend, I realized that I never wrote a dedicated post for one of our most favorite camping hacks ever. So, here it is!

Keeping Camping Essentials in ONE (Portable!) Spot

Chances are probably pretty good that when you are parked at a campsite, the same common essentials are used over and over again. We are constantly re-applying sunscreen, spritzing bug spray, or looking for band-aids for the kid’s latest scrape.

When you gather all of these common essential supplies in one spot, you make them accessible and cut out wasted time searching for them.

What we used: a simple plastic caddy

Where did we get it: Dollar Tree

You can find similar caddies on amazon. I like this caddy and also this one.

Why did we use a caddy? Not only do caddies offer a great way to organize and contain small objects, they are also super portable! Our caddy has a handle which makes it super easy to grab ‘n go. You can set the caddy out on the picnic table during the day and bring it back inside at night. Do a quick restock of anything that might have been used that day and it’s ready to go for the next day.

What Should You Keep in Your Caddy?

There’s not really a right or wrong answer here. Think about the supplies that your family typically uses multiple times over an average camping day. These are the items you may want to include in your caddy!

Those are the products that make the short-list for us. We definitely seem to use those items more than almost anything else while camping.

What would you add to our caddy supply list? Let us know if you end up putting one of these campsite essentials caddies together and tell us how it worked out for you! If you post a picture of your caddy on social media, feel free to tag us! We’d love to see it! 


How to Make a DIY Campsite Essentials Caddy PIN

2 thoughts on “How to Make a DIY Campsite Essentials Caddy”

  1. I love this idea. The caddies are great for ping to and from the shower house. I found some little ones at the dollar store that are perfect for the toiletries needed for that. I also use the caddies for small hobbies I can bring along.
    I found charcoal type fire starters at my local Walmart. We are just starting out with a brand new r-pod and haven’t had much opportunity to camp yet. Thanks for all the great tips.


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