How to Celebrate Thanksgiving in an RV

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Are you thinking about celebrating Thanksgiving in an RV? It’s a great way to spend a holiday that is all about enjoying quality time with loved ones, such as friends and family. If you want to celebrate the special day while camping out in an RV at a campground, follow these simple tips to celebrate with ease.

A little planning can go a long way. We love this free printable Thanksgiving planner for organizing your guest list, menu and more!

1. Prepare a Fried Turkey

Instead of roasting a turkey, you can fry it in a deep fryer! People love the taste of deep fried turkey because it’s incredibly flavorful. However, it’s also the easier option when you’re celebrating in an RV. For example, you may not have a lot of space left in the oven when baking sides for the Thanksgiving dinner. So, with that in mind, you can put the deep fryer outside the RV and fry the turkey up in The Great Outdoors. 

2. Set Your Meal Table Up Outside the RV

Use a long folding table outside the RV for sitting with the family and enjoying dinner. Sure, you might be limited on space when you’re in the RV, but you’ll have all the space in the world if you set up one or two of these tables with plastic or metal chairs outside. (Of course this option might be dependent on the weather conditions, which might vary by where you are camping.)

3. Buy Your Dessert Instead of Making One

Making a dessert requires some effort. If you don’t feel like you have the time or the space to complete all the steps involved in making pies, cakes, and other tasty treats to have for dessert after enjoying the Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones, consider buying dessert instead. It saves you time and space in the oven! And, you can support a local farmer’s market by purchasing pies from them. (Of course, we think that campfire s’mores would make the PERFECT dessert while celebrating Thanksgiving in your RV!!  Don’t want to build a campfire? Try this air fryer s’mores version instead.)

4. Hang Thanksgiving Decorations on the Windows

Start hanging Thanksgiving decorations on the windows of the RV. You can get as creative as you’d like with these decorations while using many of them, including fall garland, fall wreaths, and colorful string lights that you can hang everywhere. When you’re decorating, it’s easy to get into a festive move while putting others in the mood to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with smiles on their faces.

Don’t forget to grab some pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and mums from a local farm or farmer’s market for some beautiful seasonal decor!

5. Stick with Easy Side Dishes

Be sure to stick with easy side dishes to save yourself the stress and frustration of trying to prepare different sides with limited refrigerator and counter space. For example, you might want to prepare baked macaroni and cheese and assorted vegetables.  Veggies and chips with a classic french onion dip are always a popular choice! You can also ask loved ones to each bring a dish so that it’s less work you have to do while bringing more food to the table for everyone to enjoy.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in an RV is no different than celebrating at home! You can still decorate and serve delicious food while spending quality time with the people who mean the most to you. Of course, you’ll need to get creative because of space limitations in the RV. However, as long as the weather cooperates, you can spend the Thanksgiving dinner eating outside on an adjustable folding table with plenty of room for everyone.

Have you celebrated Thanksgiving (or another holiday!) in your RV? Do you have any tips to add? Drop us a comment – we’d love to hear from you! 


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