How to Celebrate Christmas in an RV

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If you’re celebrating Christmas in an RV this year, knowing how to decorate to get excited about the holiday season is important. While an RV is much smaller than the average home, it doesn’t mean you can’t decorate to your liking. Get creative and use the right items to create a comfortable and inviting holiday-themed environment!

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Downsize Your Christmas Tree

Save some space by using a tabletop Christmas tree instead of a larger one that takes up a lot of floor space. There are both small and larger options available, so you can buy what fits best in the open space you have available. In addition, you can buy more than one of the tabletop trees to decorate different parts of the RV. We have an entire post dedicated to RV Christmas trees and tips for displaying them in smaller spaces! 

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Place Christmas Stockings in an Open Space

Use some of your open wall space as the perfect spot for hanging your Christmas stockings. Not only will they add to the festive decorations you’re planning to put up throughout the RV, but they’re also spacious enough for you to add small stocking stuffer gifts to them. If you don’t already have Christmas stockings, be sure to buy some to help you decorate and celebrate the special holiday. We love using Command Hooks to hang stockings and other holiday decor in the RV. 

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Use Christmas Window Clings on Your RV Windows

Look for Christmas window clings at different stores, such as Dollar Tree, Dollar General and big box stores. They tend to have a lot of great options to choose from, allowing you to find some clings to place on your RV windows. When you have snowflakes, reindeer, Santa Claus, and other images plastered on the windows of the RV, it will be hard NOT to get into the Christmas spirit while getting excited about spending more time with loved ones.

Hang Colorful String Lights Inside the RV

Don’t forget to hang the classic Christmas string lights up throughout the RV. You can hang them by the windows and around the ceiling of the vehicle. These bright and colorful holiday lights will surely bring back nostalgic memories of spending time with your loved ones during the holiday season as a child. Best of all, they’re affordable, easy to use, and can add some cheery illumination to the home.

Put a Cute Christmas Wreath on the Door

Be sure to add a cute Christmas wreath on the door of the RV. You might want to put one on the inside and one on the outside so that people passing the RV can see the Christmas-themed wreath when passing by your campsite. While you can buy wreaths from different stores and people who make them, you can also buy the supplies to make them yourself. If you have the extra time, it’s fun to prepare Christmas-themed wreaths with craft supplies.

Decorate Your Campsite

The decorations do not have to be limited to your RV interior! Celebrate holiday festivities with exterior decor, too! Campsites are a lot of fun to decorate and lend themselves well to all kinds of popular decorations. Use string lights, inflatable decorations and more to spread the Christmas cheer all across your site.

Celebrating Christmas in an RV is no different from celebrating in a home or apartment. While you may be working with less space, you can still put lots of items up throughout the RV to decorate and get into the holiday season. From string lights to stockings, tabletop trees, and more, there are many ways to get into a festive mood while decorating your RV for Christmas!

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More Christmas Tips for RVers

  • Many campgrounds offer holiday fun! Find out if the campground you are staying at hosts any holiday celebrations. Christmas activities can be a lot of fun when spent celebrating with fellow campers! Look for decorating contests for campsites and golf carts, Christmas caroling, cookie swaps, white elephant gift exchanges and other holiday activities!
    • One campground in particular that was incredibly fun to enjoy during the Christmas season was Fort Wilderness in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We camped there in November and it was pretty incredible to see the amount of campsite decorations that were on display all over the Fort! Those campers definitely went ALL out for the holiday at their tent sites, RV sites and cabin sites.
  • Pack lots of blankets if you aren’t camping somewhere warm. If you plan to be camping over Christmas, you are most likely in a geographic location that offers warm temperatures year round. However, it is still winter and Mother Nature can still throw a chill. We keep a stack of fleece blankets in our camper so that we can enjoy campfires and evenings outdoors, even when the temps dip.
  • Christmas Dinner can be moved outdoors. Weather permitting, consider moving your Christmas celebrations (including meals) outside. We keep a 6 foot folding table in our camper storage compartment. Setting up this table outside of the RV gives us a whole additional space to enjoy our meal. This is especially helpful if you are full time RVers and are expecting friends or family to pop over as holiday meal guests.
  • Keep it simple and prep ahead of time. You can cut down on a lot of stress and hassle by keeping your holiday meal simple and prepping ahead of time. From moving your meal outside, to figuring out how to use your small RV oven to cook a lot of food, a little planning goes a long way. We actually have a lot of good RV holiday meal hosting tips in our Thanksgiving RV post. Less stress will allow you to spend more enjoyable quality time with your family.
  • Incorporate the nature around you into your decor. Use pinecones, pine needles and acorns to decorate your holiday tablescape. You are surrounded by natural decorations – use them! They will look great and also save you some money!

There are plenty of ways to celebrate Christmas in an RV! Whether you escape the cold weather up north for the season, or you’re celebrating Christmas in July, there are ample opportunities for holiday cheer at a campground or camping resort. What are your favorite tips for Christmas fun at a campsite? Drop a comment and tell us about it! 


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