10 Handy RV Cargo Storage Solutions to Keep Stuff in Its Place

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10 Handy RV Cargo Storage Solutions to Keep Stuff in Its Place

Just when you think you have thought of every RV essential you need to have in your camper, you arrive at your camping destination to find various possessions strewn all over the place.  Check out the nifty gadgets below that will help keep your stuff from rolling all over the camper as you travel on down the road.

10 Handy RV Cargo Storage Solutions to Keep Stuff in Its Place

One of our favorite things about bringing our new camper home was the fun of stocking it up with all sorts of STUFF.  Once we added all of our new RV essentials, we bought some decor pieces.  Then of course made a few impulse purchases for things we didn’t need but knew we’d use! It took about a year’s worth of weekend camping trips before we really honed in on upgrades that we wanted to make and to be honest, even 2.5 years later, we are still adding and improving things to our liking.

The first time we took our camper out, we went to a local campground just about an hour from home.  The drive was an easy one and honestly, we had just wanted a quick weekend getaway to test out the major features of the camper. We packed the trailer carefully (or so we thought) and loaded clothing, toiletries, food, etc into the cabinets and closets and drawers. When we arrived at our destination, we unhitched the camper and headed inside. We were greeted with random crap tossed everywhere. Even though we thought we had packed our belongings and supplies with care, the bumps and ruts of a regular highway were enough to eject our things every which way.

We have added many of the items below to our camper over the years. They, in addition to really learning what items have a better chance of flying around than others, have helped keep everything a bit tidier as we travel near and far!

Handy RV Cargo Storage Solutions

The Camco RV Fridge Brace holds your food items in one spot while you drive.  No more crying over spilled milk!

Camco RV Fridge Brace

Before we bought the Camco A Pop-A-Toothbrush Wall Mounted Holder, we would leave our toothbrushes on the vanity shelf, only to find them tossed into the sink, or, even worse, on the bathroom floor after our drive!

Camco A Pop-A-Toothbrush Wall Mounted Holder

These Camco 17″ RV Refrigerator Bars are spring loaded and work well on pantry shelves, in the refrigerator, and in cabinets to secure items like food.

Camco 17 Inch RV Refrigerator Bar

There’s nothing worse than trying to use your camper hose but finding it has been damaged or kinked.  Keep your hose neatly rolled up in a Hose and Cord Caddy and it will stay nicer longer.

Stromberg Carlson HC-75 Hose and Cord Caddy

Just as you want to keep your hose in good working order, the same goes for your RV electrical cord. Use a heavy duty cord keeper to keep your camper cord in excellent condition when it’s not in use.

Cordpro CP-XL, Heavy Duty Cord and Large Hose Organizer

When you own an RV, chances are good that you keep a lot of electrical cords, hoses, ropes, etc inside.  Use Wrap It Super Stretch-Storage Straps to organize and keep these items in safe, working order.

Wrap It Super Stretch-Storage Straps

If you have a storage area under your RV bed, this hack is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!  Pick up a Bedlift Kit for RVs and turn that under-bed-storage into a convenient and easy to access storage spot.  We use this space as our dry food pantry!

RV bedlift kit

We use Camco Slip Stop to secure various items that like to move around while the RV is in motion.  It holds welcome mats and small rugs in place and is also handy on shelves, cabinets and other surfaces to keep things from moving.

Camco Slip Stop

We always think that the less you have to handle your RV sewer hose, the better.  We also keep ours in a Sewer Hose Carrier when not in use to keep it in good condition.

RV Trailer VALTERRA LLC 46 Inch Ez Hose Carrier - Blk Sewer Hose Storage Carrier

We never seem to have enough spaces to store our phones, chargers, keys, etc.  These sticky-backed net organizers are incredibly convenient for storing miscellaneous small items.

Black Storage Network Mesh Bag

Our last suggestion might sound silly.  It might also sound obvious.  But this suggestion is for those of you who own an RV but have NOT yet purchased a 4-Wheeler Sewer Tote Tank (or as we affectionately call ours, The Turd Tank). Look, in a perfect glamping world, every site at every campground you stay at will be a full hook-up site.  You can dump the dump without ever leaving your campsite.  But much more realistically, sometimes you don’t have sewer hook-up at your site. Unless you want to fully hitch up your camper every 1-2 days to drive the entire thing to the dump station to empty your black water, take it from us, buy a Turd Tank.  You simply empty your black tank directly into the toter tank.  You then drag the toter by hand or by truck or golf cart to the dump station.  No need to unhook your camper and much less hassle than doing so.

Barker (27844) 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 32 Gallon Capacity

A little RV organization goes a LONG way!

This goes without saying, but we’ll say it again.  Take some time to organize your RV’s contents and take care of the many parts of pieces that came with it. Make a point to make sure everything has its own storage spot and every time you return home from a camping trip, clean out the camper. We have performed a deep clean on our camper after every camping trip since we bought it. Our camper interior and exterior still look close to brand new.

Make sure you check out the list of our unnecessary necessities for our camper.  Included on that list is a simple stick vacuum that has been worth its weight in gold. Think of how much dirt, dust, grit and sand you pull into your camper when camping.  Even if you are careful to kick off your shoes on the welcome mat the second you walk in the door, the dirt is inevitable.  Having that vacuum on hand for a daily (or three) cleaning in the week we camped at the beach cut down on so much sand!

We would love to hear YOUR must-haves for RV cargo storage!


Handy RV Cargo Storage Solutions to Keep Stuff in Its Place

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