Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Campsite and Golf Cart

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Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Campsite and Golf Cart

Get ready to take your fall camping up a notch this year with these easy ideas for decorating your campsite and golf cart!

We love camping in the fall, and one of the reasons for that is that many campgrounds have a lot of different activities revolving around Halloween. At any given campground during the months of September and October you are almost guaranteed to find trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving, costume contests, site decorating contests, golf cart parades and more.  It’s a great time to enjoy a long weekend away from the hustle and bustle of home and enjoy some seasonal festivities.

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Campsite and Golf Cart

Plus, it’s a proven fact that campfires actually smell better and s’mores taste a little sweeter during fall months.  Okay, we totally made that up.  But that doesn’t mean it’s not true!

There are so many fun ways you decorate and embellish your campsite and golf cart with Fall and Halloween themes.  Check out the suggestions below before you head out on your next Fall camping trip!

Campsite Halloween Decoration Ideas

Mums, Hay bales and Pumpkins – Okay, so these might not be specific to Halloween, but decorating your campsite with pumpkins, mums and/or hay bales sure is a simple and pretty way to show some Fall spirit.  This is our campsite from last year in Disney’s Fort Wilderness!

Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Campsite and Golf Cart

Giant Eyeballs in Trees – Use large inflatable beach balls and color them to look like eyeballs.  Secure them in a tree with bungee cords or rope to look like a pair of eyes! This example is from The DingaLinges.

Giant Eyeballs

Wheelbarrow of Bones – Fill a wheelbarrow with potting soil and plastic bones to create a creepy graveyard look in your campsite! Example from Remove and Replace.

wheelbarrow and bones

Skeleton in Cooler – Talk about “one last drink!” This example if from Happy Camper Studio.


Skeletons Playing Poker – Set up this fun scene at your picnic table!  Example from Ontario Parks Blog.

Skeletons Playing Poker

Fishing Skeleton – This skeleton would look great at your campsite.  Even better if you have a site next to the lake!  Example from Ontario Parks Blog.

fishing skeleton

Witch Legs Under Camper or Tent – How awesome would these iconic witch’s legs look sticking out from under your camper, tent, or even a tree on the campsite?

striped witch legs

Skeleton Lemonade Stand – Set up a skeleton Lemonade Stand! This example is from Beaumont Enterprise.

skeleton lemonade stand

Skeletons Roasting S’mores – Nothing says camping like making some s’mores over the campfire!  Source of this picture is unknown – if it’s yours, please contact me so I can give you proper credit!

skeleton smores

Hanging Creature Cages – Make up some of these cages and hang them around your campsite for some extra spooky decor.  Picture and tutorial from The Navage Path.

Hanging Cage DIY

Pop Up Camper Monster – We love these monster creation that a reviewer left a picture of on Foursquare!  How creative!

pop up monster

Green Bubbling Cauldron – How cool would this cauldron look on your site?  Love this idea from Instructables.

Green Cauldron

PVC Skeleton Man and Dog – You can make up a skeleton version of your fam and stick them on lawnchairs around your site like Karen in the Woods.

skeleton dog and man

Skeletons Climbing RV – Okay, this one is pretty awesome.  LOVE how they are climbing up the slide out! Source of this picture is unknown – if it’s yours, please contact me so I can give you proper credit!

spooky rv

Glow Stick Eyes – Cut a pair of eyeholes out of an empty toilet paper tube and insert a glow stick.  Place the rolls in a bush and the effect is that glowing eyes are watching you!  This example is from Practically Functional.

glow stick toilet paper roll eyes

Frankenstein Camper – Decorate the front of your trailer to look like Frankenstein!  Other fun themes include a jack o’lantern, ghost or a witch. Source of this picture is unknown – if it’s yours, please contact me so I can give you proper credit!

Frankenstein on Camper

Golf Cart Halloween Decoration Ideas

To put it simply: there are pages upon pages of ideas for Halloween Golf Cart decorations on the web, especially on Pinterest. I’ll share some of the ones I found, but these are really just the tip of the iceberg.  Golf cart decorating is a frequent event at many campgrounds and not just at Halloween. Many campgrounds have golf cart parades and even decorating contests throughout the season!

Tiki Bar Paddleboard Golf Cart – This fun car is on I Love Shelling.  That site has a bunch of other golf cart decorating ideas as well.

yolo christmas golf cart

Santa Sleigh Golf Cart – Always fun to go with a Christmas theme for golf cart decorating!  This example is from Retirement Rocks.

Santa Sleigh Golf Cart

Donut Golf Cart – Grab some donut pool floats and have fun designing a cart like this one!  Thanks to Mouse Steps for this picture.  If you’re looking for Disney themed golf cart decorations, take a look at their blog post for lots of ideas.

Dunkin Donuts Golf Cart

RV Golf Cart – WOW!  Pretty incredible detail on this one.  Example was posted on Imgur.

RV golf cart

Pirate Ship Golf Cart – Turn your cart into a pirate ship like this example uploaded to Flickr.

pirate ship golf cart

Those are some are our very favorite ideas when it comes to decorating your campsite and/or golf cart for Halloween. Many of these ideas are pretty involved and would likely require some prep at home before you head off to your campground. The cool thing about decorating for Halloween is that the intensity level is completely up to you.  Maybe you don’t really have the time or desire to come up with an intricate costume or decorating scheme.  That’s totally fine!  Slap a couple of pre-fab decorations or cobwebs onto your camper or cart and you’re good to go.

Or if Halloween and/or DIY is your thing and you enjoy detailed decorating, the sky is the limit.

When booking your fall camping trip(s) check the campground calendar (or give the office a call) and ask about any Halloween decorating events that might be occurring during your stay.

Enjoy your Halloween camping!  We would love to see what kind of decorations you come up with.  Tag us #GlamperLife on Instagram!!


Fun Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Campsite and Golf Cart

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