Fun Things to do with Kids in Grand Teton National Park

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In Wyoming, Northern America lies this gigantic (310,000 acres) natural wonder that promises indulging experiences for the outdoor lover. Grand Teton National Park is a unique place, set against the backdrop of the Teton ranges where wildlife, gorgeous natural rock formations, crystal clear lakes, and vast wonderland exist in perfect harmony. When visiting the Grand Teton with kids, make sure to indulge them in some of the activities we have highlighted here.

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Hiking in the Grand Teton

With over 200 miles of hiking trails, you will be spoiled with hiking options. If your kids enjoy this kind of activity, I would suggest you start by exploring the Aspen Ridge Trail that leads to the Phelps Lake. It’s a 2-hour walk but the beauty of Phelps Lake and the surrounding natural wonder will be worth the effort. If you do not want a demanding trail, follow the String Lake shore to end the trail at Trappers Lake and enjoy great views of Mount Moran. You can also enjoy the Phelps Lake at the Phelps Lake Overlook by following the Death Canyon Trail. Other notable hiking trails in the park include Forks of Cascade Canyon and Flagg Canyon.

Let your kid become a junior ranger

Bring tears of pride into your kids’ eyes by letting them become a Grand Teton junior ranger. There are several ways to do that. They can complete an activity booklet called the Grand Adventure and earn a junior ranger badge for doing so. They can also learn from an actual ranger at the park while enjoying themed games to earn the badge. If they want to earn the badge before they go to the park, they can now do it online by doing fun activities at home and taking the junior ranger pledge.

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Animal viewing

There is no shortage of animals in the park. High up in the Teton ranges, you are likely to encounter a bear or two. For bird lovers, there are over 300 bird species in the park,
so carry your binoculars. Bison eat and lie un-bothered at the foot of the ranges. Exercise caution when viewing these animals. The park has strict rules on how to go about this for your safety.

Bison Watch

Backcountry camping in the Grand Teton

This is a popular activity in the Teton but it is highly regulated because of the animals. You want to be safe so you will need to adhere to the regulations set by the park. You can make a reservation online or get a walk-in permit. If you want to camp overnight, you will need to get a permit for that as well. Unfortunately, the park does not allow you to bring your pet for camping. Since you might encounter bears when camping, utmost caution is advised.

Observe Geological Activity at the Teton Ranges

The rocks at the Teton Ranges are some of the oldest rocks in the world, dating back over 2.7 billion years. These metamorphic rocks can be observed at the peaks of Mount Moran and Teewinot. You can take a short hike to the Jenny lake scenic loop to see the Grand Teton Fault. If you have a guide, your kids will get fascinated to learn about the geographical phenomenal that led to the formation of such a beautiful natural landscape.

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