8 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Grand Canyon National Park

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Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most popular national parks in the US, receiving over 5 million annual visitors. This is one natural wonder that you would experience better if you saw it, rather than reading or hearing about it. It should be on every outdoor lover’s bucket list. The deep canyons, the rivers crisscrossing the park, the unique rock formations that jut from the ground, the unique hiking and biking trails, and much more make this park a haven for adventure seekers. If you are visiting the park with your kids, there are a ton of fun things to do and we have highlighted some of these activities here.

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Grand Canyon with Kids

1. Take a hike on the Bright Angel Trail

There are many hiking trails in the Grand Canyon National Park but this is the most popular one. It’s a moderate trail you can take with your kids and offers rest houses along the way, so you can take a break when fatigue starts to appear. Always remember to carry lots of water as it could get hot. If you have younger kids, you can turn back after you reach the first rest house. The Bright Angel Trail is also the widest hiking trail in the park, making it ideal for groups and families to walk close together.

2. Take a river trip on river Colorado

If your kids are older (11-19 years), you can let them have a guided rafting experience on the Colorado River. The river trips are as educational as they are enjoyable and trained professional tour operators will guide your family through the journey.

3. Ride a mule through the Canyon

If your kids do not like walking, they can ride a mule through the Grand Canyon. This is a grand tour that lasts approximately 3 hours. If you book early, you can be allowed to stay overnight at the bottom of the canyon (at Phantom Ranch) before riding back the next day. Riding a mule down into the Grand Canyon is probably one of the most iconic experiences associated with this park!

4. Join a stargazing party at the North and South Rims

If you visit the park in June, you get to experience or are part of an annual star party where travelers come set up their telescopes and try to explain the night sky.

5. Join the junior ranger program

This is a program designed by the park to allow kids the chance to learn more about the environment, nature, and history of the park. They are assigned tasks that they have to accomplish before they can become junior rangers. When they accomplish these tasks, they are given the Grand Canyon junior ranger’s badge after taking a pledge. It’s a fun thing for kids aged four and above.

I can’t speak highly enough about the National Parks Junior Ranger Program. Our kids have completed several of them over the years and love earning badges from the different parks!

6. Take a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon

One of the grandest ways to explore the canyon in all its glory is through taking a helicopter tour. It can be expensive but if you can budget it into your trip, this will be an experience your kids will never forget. You might think you can appreciate the Grand Canyon from the ground but when in the air, you will be in awe of just how huge this natural wonder is.

7. Visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk at Hualapai

Extending 70 feet from the Canyon rim at 4,000 feet above the ground, this horse-shoe walkway has a glass floor that allows you to have magnificent views of the canyon. You will be able to understand the depth and size of this canyon when you feel like you are hovering about it. The Grand Canyon Skywalk at Hualapai is a must for your canyon bucket list!

8. Bike the Rim

This is a paved biking trail your kids can enjoy as well. You can hire bikes at the center and bike this 5-mile route that has no traffic or cars to distract your movement.

We love exploring the National Parks so much!  It has turned out to be an incredible way to see some amazing places in this country as a family.

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