Fun Things to Do When Camping in Mesa, Arizona

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, Mesa, Arizona is a gorgeous place to visit. That’s not only because of the stunning scenery that you’ll find there, but also the decent weather with low humidity and the friendly folks that live there as well.

Mesa Arizona

There is also tons of entertainment in the area, great places to eat, and wonderful campgrounds where you can sleep out underneath the stars. Horseback riding, kayaking, biking, and hiking are just a few of the outdoor activities that you can do with your family while you’re visiting Mesa.

Baseball fans will love the handful of teams that play there during the winter and early spring, while families with kids will enjoy the many fascinating museums, aquariums, and parks that are scattered all throughout. Check out our suggestions for fun things to see and do when camping in Mesa, Arizona

Town of Mesa Arizona

Typical Mesa Weather 

Mesa, Arizona experiences temperatures that average about 86 degrees throughout the year, but with relatively low humidity. The area receives lots and lots of sunshine and very little precipitation during the year – less than 10 inches, in fact! This means that visitors don’t necessarily have to bring their umbrellas, but they should remember to pack plenty of sunscreen. 

Unlike most campgrounds throughout the country, the ones that you will find in Mesa are open year-round due to the pleasant climate during every season. Most campers actually prefer waiting until late fall and wintertime to camp because of how much cooler the temperatures are at night. This makes trying to fall asleep much easier and more comfortable!

Popular Campgrounds in and Near Mesa, AZ

  1. Lost Dutchman State Park (Mesa) 
  2. Salt River Rafting (Phoenix) 
  3. Coon Bluff (Mesa) 
  4. Jacob’s Landing Ranch (Mesa) 
  5. Canyon Lake Marina & Campground (Mesa) 
  6. Schnepf Farms Camping (Mesa) 
  7. Mesa Spirit RV Resort
  8. Lazy S Ranch (Wilcox) 
  9. Valle del Oro (RV Camping in Mesa) 
  10. Viewpoint RV & Golf Resort (Mesa) 

Popular Restaurants in and Near Mesa, AZ

  1. Steak And Stone (Mesa)  
  2. Tucked Away Craft Kitchen & Bar (Mesa) 
  3. Giant Hamburgers (Mesa) 
  4. Wild Elk Den (Chandler) 
  5. Union Grill & Tap (Mesa) 
  6. Sonsons Pasty Company (Mesa) 
  7. Morning Glory Brunchery (Mesa) 
  8. Knuckle Sandwiches (Mesa) 
  9. Famous 48 (Mesa)  
  10. Alessia’s Ristorante Italiano (Mesa) 

Popular Attractions in and Near Mesa, AZ

  1. McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park (Scottsdale) 
  2. Camelback Mountain (Phoenix)  
  3. Salt River Fields at Talking Stick (Scottsdale)  
  4. OdySea Aquarium (Scottsdale)  
  5. Pueblo Grande Museum Indian Market (Phoenix) 
  6. Papago Park (Phoenix)
  7. Phoenix Zoo (Phoenix)
  8. Echo Canyon Trailhead (Phoenix)
  9. Mormon Trailhead (Phoenix)
  10. Desert Botanical Garden (Phoenix)

Mesa, Arizona is considered to be one of the best camping destinations in the country. Not just because of their many amazing campgrounds and majestic landscapes, but also because of the amount of attractions and wonderful places to eat that you’ll find. If you’ve been camping in Mesa, Arizona before, what did you enjoy the most during your visit? Feel free to leave a comment down below.  

Desert Mesa Arizona

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