Fun Activities to Cool Off During Summer Camping Trips

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Planning a camping trip in the hot summer sun? Plan ahead to help keep everyone cool so you can have fun and enjoy your trip instead of being a hot sweaty mess. These ideas will help you have fun without letting the heat put a damper on your camping vacation. Check out this list of fun camping games and activities for summer.

Campground Lake

Swimming – If your campground has a lake and/or pool, swimming this is one of the best ways to keep cool when the heat cranks up. From tubing down a stream to simply wading on the beach, you can’t beat relaxing in water when the temperatures soar. When planning a camping trip in the peak of summer, choose a campground that not only has an area to swim in but that also offers water activities that you can take advantage of to help keep cool.

Many campgrounds have activities ranging from boat, canoe, and kayak rentals to entire water parks available to enjoy with your family. Book these campgrounds as soon as you make
up your mind to travel as summer reservations are popular and fill up fast.

Squirt gun fights – If you know that there is nowhere to swim on your camping trip and you will have access to well water, consider bringing squirt guns or other water squirters with you on your camping trip. Fun for all ages, a good old fashion squirt gun fight is entertaining and refreshing. Bring a bucket along to use for your squirt gun refilling station. Be mindful to take your activity to an area where you won’t bother other campers who may not like water getting on their belongings while you run and play.

Sponge ball fights – Sponge balls are a great eco-friendly alternative to classic water balloons. Use a bucket of water to soak your sponge balls and have some fun catching everyone off
guard as you toss them at each other. When you run out, simply gather up the sponge balls and toss them into the bucket to start all over again for another round. This is a great way to keep kids busy! Set up a designated area for them to play in with the sponge balls. Ideally this area should be close enough to your campsite where you can keep an eye on them, but far enough away from those who don’t want to get wet.

Card games with a spray bottle of water – In the mood to take it easy for a while? Grab a waterproof set of playing cards for your camping trip and bring a couple of empty spray bottles from the local dollar store. Find a shady spot and plop down to enjoy a few rounds of your favorite card games with a twist. Choose a point where you squirt each other with water from the spray bottles. Like when you have to say “Go Fish” you would spray the person that has to go fish.

Make some ice cream – Plan ahead for your camping trip and grab some extra ice and ingredients to make homemade ice cream. They make some pretty cool ice cream makers, including one that is actually a ball you can roll around for some fun while the ice cream forms.


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