Free Printable Camping Journal for Kids – 10 Pages!

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Taking the kids on a camping adventure? Grab our FREE printable camping journal for kids! This 10-paged guided journal is a great way to get the kids involved in recording their favorite memories from your trip!

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We have pulled the kids out of school over the years for travel. Almost every time this has occurred, their teacher has sent along a “travel journal” for them to work on during our trip. As a kid myself, I almost always kept a travel journal when we went on vacation. I loved the idea of recording our travels and memories, and I have always tried to encourage my own kids to do the same. Sometimes they take a blank notebook to record their experiences and sketch some pictures of our activities. Other times I print out a vacation journal for the kids to fill out as we travel.

This printable is perfect for the next time you go camping with kids.

Of course, the adult crowd will want to check out our camping journal that we published and is available on amazon!

Journaling is a fun way to record vacation memories.

That’s a fact! I love keeping a written record of our trips. You can also usually find me with a camera in hand, snapping pictures and taking videos to further burn those memories into a tangible piece of memorabilia.

This new free printable is going to be a hit on your next family camping trip.  Print a copy for each kiddo to fill out during and after your trip. The PDF file contains 10 different pages that kids can customize and record their memories on. From the trip logistics to favorite activities and happenings, to the camping recipes they enjoyed the most.

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Printable Camping Journal for Kids

This easy-to-open camping journal is a PDF file.

Get the file: Glamper Life Camping Journal for Kids

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If you decide to give this camping journal for kids a try, let us know how it goes!  Did the kids enjoy using it? What page(s) was/were their favorites?

You can print a new copy of this journal every time you head out on a different camping adventure! When you come home, punch holes in the paper and store them together in a 3-ring binder! This will turn those loose pages into an easy-to-access book that the kids will enjoy looking back on over the years.

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