Free Printable Campground Info Sheet

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It is so helpful to have campground and campsite information at a glance! You can’t always count on great cellular service at remote campgrounds, so having locational and other info written down nearby is a great idea.

Campground Info Printable

Campground Info is Important to Know

It was during one of our earliest camping trips in our RV when we realized how helpful it would be to have our location handy. We knew that if we needed to call 911 for an emergency (or a pizzeria for dinner), we had no idea what our physical address was, etc.

We hung a small dry erase board up on the cabinet and every time we pulled into a new campsite, we’d update the board with the new information.

It was really helpful to have your campsite number, reservation info, etc. on hand.

Campground Info Printable

I created this printable to give you another way to display this information! After you receive the printable file, you can make a few copies to keep in your camper and print new ones as needed.  OR, if you’d rather not use a lot of paper, print a copy and laminate it or stick in in a clear sheet protector. That will turn the sheet into a dry erase surface.  You can update the page with a dry erase marker!

Get the printable: Free Printable Campground Info Sheet

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Campground Info Printable

If you give this printable a try, let us know how it works out! Do you have any suggestions for other ways to keep campground info posted?

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