Essential Tools to Pack in Your RV Toolbox Kit

As you might guess, there are certain things that are absolutely necessary to keep in your camper. An RV toolbox filled with basic and commonly used tools is one of the first things you will want to stock if your new rig.

rv toolbox essentials

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as an RV owner?  “What tools should I keep in my RV?” RVs typically aren’t the roomiest and you have limited space and carrying capacity. This means that the tools you bring with you need to be worth the space they take up!

It can be a challenge to figure out what tools to pack in your RV. The last thing you want is to have something break or leak or clog and be without the right tool to fix it.  We have been RVing for a number of years at this point, and we have faced all sorts of repairs and fixes over that time. We have narrowed down our toolbox contents and now have some specific tools and materials that we try to keep on hand at all times.

Here are the best things to pack in your RV toolbox, so you’re always prepared.

Essential RV Tools

1. Fuse Kit

2. Water Pressure Regulator

3. Leveling Gauges

4. Manual Crank Handle

5. Mechanics Tool Set

6. Universal Lug Wrench

7. Snap L-Pin

8. Clamp Cinch Tool

9. LED Road Safe Flare

10. RV Sewer Fitting Tool

11. Drum Brake Tool

12. Gas Leak Detector

13. 16-n-1 Multitool

14. LED Flashlights

15. Windproof Lighter

Keeping any combination of these tools in your camper can really help you out of a jam. One important thing to remember about RV ownership and RV travel is that things frequently break, come loose, leak, etc. RVs are, after all, large moving vehicles that bounce and roll down highway after highway and then sit for periods of time being exposed to nature and outdoor elements. Sometimes major breaks happen, other times just minor inconsistencies pop up while you are on the road.

After you grab your toolbox must-haves, check out our totally unnecessary RV necessities! (LOL, give it a read, and you’ll understand what I mean!)

Tell us – do you have any of these items in your camper tool collection? Which ones have been the most helpful? Do you keep other tools in your rig? Drop us a comment and let us know about it! 


Essential Tools to Pack in Your RV Toolbox Kit PIN

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