Easy Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home

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It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort or money to make your RV feel like home. Just a simple touch here and there can take it from that “factory cookie cutter” look to a welcoming space that reflects your family’s style and personality!

RV Feels like home details

I still remember the day that we picked up our brand new camper from the dealer. It had been several weeks since we put our deposit down at a local RV show and ever since that day, we counted down until acquisition day. In general, we were really happy with the color scheme of our new trailer. We liked the wood grain and the floor finish and the upholstery patterns. So for the first couple of months, we didn’t add a lot to it.

Oh, we added basic RV supplies, of course. We also loaded sheets and toiletries and several small appliances into the various cupboards and storage spaces. After one trip to Cabela’s, we had splurged on a camping grill and portable folding grill table.  It also wasn’t long before we upgraded our RV mattress to something much more comfortable. They were all great additions to our new home-away-from-home.

After we logged a couple of trips under our belt, it dawned on me that our camper really lacked some personality. I really wanted to add a few personal touches that would make our RV feel like home. Or at least, our home-away from home!

Easy decor items help make your RV feel like home!


To those of you who still have that ugly, dealer-issued comforter on your RV bed, I’m talking to you! Splurge on a new bedding set and pick something that matches your unique style and color preferences! You don’t have to spend a fortune to really jazz up the look of your camper beds. We got this set on sale at Walmart and it was just the POP of color that our bedroom needed!

RV Bed

Decorative Pillows

Another great way to add a little personality to your camper is to ACCESSORIZE! By that, I mean add some decorative pillows and/or throws to the beds and the couch (or even chairs/benches depending our your camper’s layout).

A throw pillow with a great travel-related saying or a fun color/pattern will really POP and add some style to the space.

I found all of our bigger square shaped pillows in the garden section at Walmart a couple of years ago (they are outdoor pillows, meant for patio furniture!). The smaller square “beach house” pillow came from Michael’s and the “Adventure” pillow was from Gabe’s.

yellow chevron adventure pillow

Fun Dishtowels and Mugs

I’m questioning that heading a little, as I am not sure that a dishtowel or mug can really be fun, per say.  But you know that I mean, right? Grab some dishtowels to hang on your oven or over the sink in your kitchen area. You could go with cute camper dishtowels or even find seasonal dishtowels to swap out during different times of the year.

This is such an easy way to dress up the camper kitchen and give it a little decor.

beach dish towels in rv

If you are an avid tea or coffee drinker, you might have a favorite mug style or brand that you like to drink out of at home!  We feel the same way about our coffee mugs and so we made sure to stock our camper with these campfire style mugs and also a tervis tumbler or two for when we want to take our coffee off of the campsite.

Glamping at KOA with campfire mug

Key Racks and Coat Hooks

Okay, okay, If I REALLY want to be honest I’d say that the kids’ coats and backpacks strewn all over the floor would certainly make our RV feel like home. But in a perfect world (or after a lot of nagging from me), their coats, sweatshirts, backpacks, etc, make it onto the hooks on the wall in our mudroom.

In our camper, we installed a key rack right in the doorway entrance. It only took us about 4 camping trips during which we misplaced our truck or camper keys no less than 17 times to make us realize they needed a PLACE.  That PLACE is a simple key rack and they keys get hung up the second we enter the camper. No more searching for them!

key hook in rv camper

We also installed a couple of coat hooks around the camper. They are perfect for getting our bags, sweatshirts, jackets, etc up off the camper floor. Not only does it give the RV a less disheveled look, but it also makes for fewer obstacles to trip over during nighttime bathroom trips.

coat hook in camper

Family Pictures

What’s more personalized than some pictures of your family? I grabbed a few fun frames at Michael’s and printed out pictures of us during some of our favorite RV trips. The framed pictures look awesome in the camper and now we are surrounded by memorable moments spent camping, while creating new memories!

Family Photos in RV

Shower Curtain

Remember how I called out the people who still had their factory RV bedspread on the camper bed? Well now I’m looking at those of you who still have that factory-issued thin-as-tissue-paper shower curtain hanging in the bathroom. Tear that sucker down and add a new one!

We have Mickey Mouse up for now. The kids love it and it is especially perfect when we are camping at Fort Wilderness!

You can go with a camper themed shower curtain or choose any other style/color that you like.

Mickey Mouse shower curtain in RV

Outdoor Camper Decor

Of course, I could write an entire post on decorating your campsite. But for this post, I’ll keep it simple. Campsites are lots of fun to decorate!  You can add lights, garden flags, rugs, and more that reflect your style and decorate the exterior space around your RV.

Have fun with it and always check to see if there are any themed events happening at your campground during your stay. Many campgrounds hold a “Christmas in July” celebration and people go all out and decorate their camper, campsite and golf carts with Christmas decorations. For Halloween, many campgrounds run all sorts of fun events including trick or tricking from site to site and of course, campsite decorating contests!

campsite rv camper garden flag

Little by little, your RV will feel like home!

Chances are good that you are probably viewing your camper as a long-term investment.  By that, I mean that you most likely plan to keep it for a number of years. This is great because you can really take your time and add these decorative items a little at a time.

No need to rush out and spend money on everything all at once! We have added these things over the years and there are still some more additions I would like to make.  All in good time!

What is the best thing you have done to your camper to make it feel more like home? 

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5 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home”

  1. I love your ideas of decorating our RV to feel like home. I purchased a new bedspread, pillows, dish towels and added a throw that used to be my MIL’s to make the RV more cozy. I also like the motion sensor nightlight.
    Thank you for the continued ideas!

  2. Get a shower curtain with pockets. Your toiletries will stay put as you travel. BBB has them on their website as does Amazon

  3. We have a living quarters horse trailer which is basically a horse trailer with an RV in the front. The best thing we did was add a fun runner rug. We can shake it out when we need to and it keeps the floor warm in the wintertime. Also, adding a step stool to the front door. We have an attached step, but sometimes even that step is a little tall.


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