Dollar Store Camper Fairy Garden

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The other day as I cruised around the dollar store (Dollar Tree), I couldn’t help but check out the big display of Fairy Garden sets that they were selling. I knew my kids would get such a huge kick out of making a fairy garden and then I saw the RV! A camper fairy garden was right up our alley.

Fairy Garden Campground

Dollar Store Fairy Garden Sets

The past few summers, I have noticed more and more fairy garden figures and accessories popping up at the Dollar Tree. Each year they seemed to have a bigger variety and today was no exception. Now that Easter has passed, summer is full steam ahead at Dollar Tree.

The employees were packing up the Easter baskets and candy and stocking the shelves with ice cream cone themed dinner plates and all kinds of garden decorations.

I swear I can spot anything RV or camping themed from across a store and that’s exactly what happened today. I was making my way down the greeting card aisle and saw this adorable little camper from several yards away!

Dollar store camper and pathway

Once I grabbed a camper off the shelf, I took at look at the rest of the fairy offerings. They had so many different little poly resin fairy garden sets! I ended up adding several of them to my basket, but there were a bunch more at the store. The sets that I bought were themed around gardens and woods. There were other sets with ocean themes.

Here are the Fairy Garden kits I brought home. I also picked up the garden container to use as some sort of water feature in my garden scene. You can score free shipping if you ship your purchases to your local store. (Note: there is usually some kind of minimum order required for shipping.)

Sidenote: If you do not have a Dollar Tree nearby, check out the fairy sets on amazon. Lots of variety, many different price points.

Dollar Tree Fairy Garden Sets

Setting Up the Fairy Garden

When you set up a fairy garden, you will want to clear a little bit of space in your yard or well, garden. I have also seen some really cute fair gardens sent up in decorative wheelbarrows and large planters! There is no right or wrong way to set up your garden. Have fun with it!

The pieces that I bought range in size, but overall they are small. Their dimensions are approximately 1″ to 4.5″ tall.

I decided to put my garden in a corner of my patio flowerbed. The area was already pretty clear and the garden is topped with mulch.

Campsite for Fairies

Check out the garden scenes that we set up for the fairies to visit! We have an entry gate with a welcome sign. In the back, you will see a little vegetable garden area. There is a bench for taking a rest and some gnomes working on gardening tasks.

Fairy garden welcome gate
Gnome in the woods
Fairy Garden Campground

Fairy Garden Pond

I took the small planter that I bought and sank it into the mulch. Then I filled it up with water. The result was a totally cute little water feature. It is our fairy pond!

pond in fairy garden

Just for fun, I decided to see if the gnome would float. Spoiler: he did NOT. LOL! He sank right to the bottom. So I fished him out, added a mermaid, and gave him a little tupperware boat. HA!

sunken gnome in pond
Mermaid in pond fairy garden
gnome in tupperware boat

Fairy Garden Activity

This DIY fairy garden was honestly a lot of fun to put together! It added a little dose of whimsy magic to an otherwise plain raised garden bed.

When the kids got home from school, they were ecstatic to find it in the flower bed! I plan to leave it up for the summer and might even add some accessories as time goes by.

If you do not have a garden area to use, you can make a smaller fairy garden in a terrarium or flower pots.

I took advantage of the mulch, rocks, and plants in my garden, but if you do not have natural elements near your fairy garden, you can add them! Mosses, succulents, twigs, sand, dirt and succulents are all bargain-friendly items that would be easy to incorporate into most areas.

I highly recommend this activity! It’s a fun time for all ages. You can make a traditional fairy garden or go totally rogue and come up with whatever creative concoction you desire. Fairy gardens are as much an art project as they are a gardening activity.

If you end up making a miniature garden for fairies, let us know how it turned out! Feel free to tag us if you post a picture on social media. We would love to see it!


Dollar Store Camper Fairy Garden PIN

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