7 Creative Ways to Display Your RV Travel Memories

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You have driven the miles, camped at the campsites, logged the days on the road… now you need someplace to store those memories!  Check out these fun and easy ways of showing off your best camping memories!

Creative Ways to Display Travel Memories

What is the next-best-thing to traveling? If you ask us, it’s looking back on those travel adventures and talking about trip highlights (and lowlights, depending on the trip!). The memories that we take away from our camping tips are the motivation that leads us to plan our future trips. There is simply no way to put a price tag on the educational value of traveling. We have traveled as a family since our kids were babies. The experiences that they have had during our travels have shaped who they are and how they see the world!

So after you have returned home from your latest trip, it’s time to print some of your favorite pictures or perhaps log some memories in your travel journal.  Check out some of the creative ways that we found to show off your memorable travel moments!

Creative Ways to Display Your RV Travel Memories

Camping Journal

Might as well get a shameless plug in for our own product, right?! Check out our RV Camping Journal and Log Book. It’s a great spot to record your camping memories and keep trip information collected in one spot!

Camping Journal and RV Log Book HERO

USA Scratch-Off Map

This map is so neat! With the USA Scratch-Off Map, you can tick off the states as you visit. The more states you visit, the more colorful your map will become!

USA Photo Map

What a gorgeous display! You can place pictures taken in specific states into the corresponding spaces on this USA Photo Map. Just imagine the conversations that this frame will spark!

Ticket and Momento Shadowbox

We made a box similar to this to display our Disney Cruise key cards! Take tickets, pictures, wristbands or any other small, tangible souvenir and tuck them inside this momento shadowbox display.

Photo Display Hanging Picture Frame

I have a similar display to this one in our kitchen and I can’t tell you how much I love it! Grab a similar Photo Display Hanging Picture Frame and hang your favorite vacation pictures from the clips. You can rotate the pictures to different ones from time to time to keep it new and fresh!

Seashell Display Box

If beach trips are your thing, grab a seashell display box. You can add shells to it after each ocean visit and display the box somewhere at home!

RV State Sticker Travel Map

How many campers have you seen around the campgrounds with these fun RV State Decals Map on display? Add a state every time you visit a new one with your rig! Note – this version of the map is a sticker/decal. There are magnet versions available, but make sure your camper exterior is a magnetic surface (many are not) or opt for the decal version.

Let us know if you have tried any of these fun ways to keep and display your favorite travel memories! Do you do something different? Leave us a comment and tell us about it! 


Creative Ways to Display Your RV Travel Memories PIN

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