8 of the Most Creative RV Storage Ideas

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Would you like to save space on your RV? You might be in need of some creative and useful storage ideas. There are many simple ways to make more room inside your RV and make the most of the space you have available. Check out this short and simple list of creative RV storage ideas that are both convenient and affordable.

Creative RV Storage Ideas

Adjustable Storage Racks

When you are working with a limited amount of space, it makes sense to invest in adjustable storage racks for your RV. You can place these racks in any area where you have some open space available. Because you are putting these storage racks against the wall, you can keep them out of the way while saving on floor space. It is important to save floor space when you are spending time in your RV because you do not want to deal with a bunch of clutter. Adjustable storage racks can be purchased in a variety of sizes, styles and colors! 

Chairs With Storage Seats

If you are planning on buying new chairs to have inside your RV when dining, consider buying chairs with storage seats. While they may look like ordinary chairs, you can lift the seat and store all types of items inside of them. Not only is this creative, but it is also convenient because then you are saving more space while having a safe spot to put different belongings. Different types of storage chairs are available, and you can easily find some great options on Amazon while sticking to a budget. We use ottomans throughout our home to hide everything from toys to books to blankets.  Talk about fashion meeting function! 

Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer

The perfect solution to saving space inside an RV is the over-the-door pocket organizer. These types of organizers can hold various items, including shoes, snacks, toiletries, and more. You can hang them on different doors that you might have inside your RV, such as the bathroom door. Rather than taking up your table or countertop space, you can keep items placed in a spot where they are not taking up so much room.

We have one hanging in our camper bathroom and every single time we go camping, I marvel at how much clutter it keeps off the tiny counter and floor.

RV Pocket Organizer on Door

Hanging Baskets

While hanging baskets come in handy for holding assorted fruits, you can use these baskets for any other items. Just like some of the other options on the list, these hanging baskets will help you save countertop and table space while still having a spot to put some of your belongings. You can find both metal and plastic hanging baskets that you can install on the ceiling of your RV. Whether you want to put snacks, fruit, or other items in these baskets, you will have more than enough space to do so.

Command Hooks

These hooks are so easy to install (you literally just stick them on the wall – no tools required!). They are handy for handy all kinds of things. Our latest addition in this oh-so-odd “new” normal? Command hooks by the door for… face masks!

Command Hooks in RV

Bathroom Shower Corner Caddy

I actually wrote an entire post on how we took this shower caddy from IKEA and used it in the camper bathroom. It sits out of the way and holds all of our toiletries.  So convenient and looks nice, too!

IKEA Shower Caddy

Suction Cup Soap Holders

And they’re not just for soap! Pick up some simple suction cup soap holders and use them for everything from toiletries to art supplies. You can stick them on the windows of your camper or even in your tow vehicle (just make sure you won’t be rolling that window down!!).

suction soap cup holder

Easy Campsite Supply Caddy

I put this essential camping supplies caddy together for our RV dollar store hacks round up. It’s an easy way to organize your most-used items so that they are always within reach!

Camping Essentials Caddy

If you purchase these items and put them in your RV, you will have space for lots of the items you plan to have on your RV. And, you will have even more room for you and your loved ones to have a good time without feeling cramped up in a tight space with your stuff everywhere. Adjustable storage racks, chairs with storage seats, over-the-door pocket organizers, and hanging baskets are all useful products to use for storage-related reasons.

Here are a few more of our favorite ways to organize all sorts of things inside your camper: 

RV Storage ideas

Tell us about YOUR favorite ways to organize items inside your camper!  What are your must-haves for keeping the clutter off the floor and maximizing your limited spaces? Drop us a comment and let us know what works great for you! 

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  1. Look around!
    Vertical space is often over looked and underutilized., such as under the table where an add-on drawer can be added or in the top of overhead cabinets where space might be wasted.
    Think small in these areas, reduce clutter


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