10 Clever RV Hacks to Try

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RV camping is meant to be about spending time with family and friends while visiting new and incredible places, but sometimes life gets in the way. I’d like to share a few ways to make your RV life even easier so that you have less hassle to worry about. These are 10 useful RV hacks that every RV owner should know about. 

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Easy RV Hacks

Here are some easy RV hacks to try that are sure to improve overall comfort and enjoyment of your camper.  We learned early on in our RVing adventures that the more space we could find, the better organized we were, the more we enjoyed our travels.  These hacks will work great for any travel trailer owner – the beginner, the casual camper, and even the full-time RVer.

1. Create Temporary Privacy with Tension Rods and Curtains

When you don’t want to drill holes in your RV, you can hang curtains with a shower rod that is held up by command hooks.  This is a great way to put up temporary “walls” in the camper.

2. Utilize Your Oven Space for Storage

Most RVs don’t come with a lot of cabinet space to store your dishes and cookware, so an oven makes for excellent storage space whenever you’re not using it. Think beyond storing your pots and pan collection! Just don’t forget to peek inside the oven before you turn it on the next time! 

Think beyond your oven – camper sinks and bathtubs also make great storage spaces while you are en route to your destination! You never want to leave things on your counter space that will fly around while you are driving!

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3. Distribute Heat in Your Oven More Evenly 

Let’s face it: RV ovens aren’t the best. They leave a lot to be desired when it comes to even cooking. Try placing a ceramic tile in the center of your oven. This will force the heat in your oven to distribute more evenly. Neat!  

4. Place Styrofoam Over Your Windows 

Not only does Styrofoam work well to provide your family with added privacy, but it will also help keep your RV cool during the summertime. It helps to block the hot sun rays and gives your camper some additional insulation. RV living is a lot more enjoyable when you can regulate the interior temperature to your family’s liking. 

5. Add Bubble Wrap for Insulation 

Speaking of insulation, if you don’t have the proper insulation in your RV, you might find yourself shivering when the temperature gets cold at night. You can add bubble wrap to the inside of your doors and windows to help keep the heat in during the winter. 

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6. Hang a Shoe Rack on the Shower Rod or Door

The bathroom is another area of your RV that is tight on space. You could hang a shoe organizer up on your shower rod to provide a home for your shower and other bathroom essentials.  Closets that have regular (non bi-fold) doors will work great as well. 

We have done this for years! In our camper, we have a shoe rack hanging over the bathroom door. The clear pockets help us locate what we are looking for quickly. It is nice to have all of our things in one spot!

RV Pocket Organizer on Door

7. Keep Pesky Flies away with Pinesol 

Flies can be absolutely irritating during summer months, especially when they’re buzzing around your head. To help keep them off of your countertops, tables, and awnings, wipe down those areas with a 50/50 solution of Pinesol and water. The Pinesol will help to deter them from sticking around your camper. If you are looking for an even safer, non-chemical trick to keeping the flies out of your camper, buy a tower fan. Set it up inside the camper facing out of the door. The wind current will help to deter the flies from entering.

8. Place Non-slip Liners in Your Cabinets

Non-slip liners work great at keeping your dishes in their places. Avoid having to sweep up broken glasses every time you hit a bump in the road or have to make a hard turn. Place non-slip liners in your cabinets. Works like a charm!  

9. DIY Tank Cleaner

Keep your RV bathroom smelling fresh and keep the walls of your waste tank clean by creating your own tank cleaner. All you need is a cleaning solution of ½ a cup of Calgon Water Softener and 1 cup of Borax.  Pour this mixture down your RV toilet (once every month or so) for best results.

10. Get Better Wi-fi at Campsites

A lot of campgrounds these days come with free wi-fi, but they don’t always come with great signals. From around $20 on up, you can provide that extra boost with a Wi-fi reception booster

wifi connection

With all these amazing new hacks for you to try, you’re sure to be a happy camper now that your life on the road is a little easier. We hope that these useful tips help you along as you enjoy your rv lifestyle. What are some other hacks that you use for your RV camping experience that you’d be willing to share with others?   

What purchases have you made for your camper that made RV living easier? Drop a comment and tell us – we would love to hear what has worked for you!


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