Campsite Inspection Checklist Printable

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When you first arrive at your campsite, it can be tempting to start set up right away! However, whether you are tent camping or unhitching an RV, you should ALWAYS inspect your campsite before you start to unpack. Check out our handy free printable campsite inspection checklist below and take it along on your trip!

Inspecting a campsite when you’re ready to start your vacation might not sound like a lot of fun. But trust us – it’s so super important! Take a few minutes before unloading your supplies to walk the campsite, inspect the grounds for potential safety hazards, etc.

Take a look at the items on our printable.

Campsite Inspection Checklist

Here are the inspection categories that are included on our list.

  1. Campfire Safety (Inspect the fire pit or ring to make sure that it is safe to use. Check the surrounding area to be certain that it is clear of anything flammable. Ensure that you have quick access to water at all times while your fire is burning.)
  2. Tent Setup (Check that the location you chose for your tent or camper is not underneath any dead trees or large overhanging branches. Set up your text on a space that is free from sharp rocks and always stake down the tent properly.
  3. Campsite Cleanliness (Give the campsite a lookover and clean up any food scraps left by previous campers. These scraps could attract unwanted wildlife if not properly disposed of.)
  4. Food Storage (Keeping your food away from bears and other wildlife is very important! Store your food in bear-proof containers or hang the food in trees.)
  5. Water Safety (Locate the water source that you will use at your campsite. Hopefully you know ahead of time if the water at the campsite is not potable, in which case, you’d need to bring your own clean water in. It’s a good idea to keep a water filter and/or water purification tablets in your camping supplies as well.)
  6. Campsite Facilities (Give the campsite facilities a look before you get settled in for your stay. Make sure the that bathroom and shower facilities are in proper working order.)
  7. Wildlife Safety (Check for signs of recent animal activity, for example tracks or droppings. Again, make sure all food is stored safely in bear-proof containers.)
  8. Weather Conditions (Always try to stay ahead of the weather. Check the weather forecast before you head out for camping and keep an eye on reports throughout your stay. Should severe weather roll through, have a plan for somewhere safe to take shelter. Battery operated weather radios are a smart item to pack since cellular service is often unpredictable when camping.)
  9. Leave No Trace (This is for the end of your trip! Always always take a walk around your campsite when you are packed up and ready to head home. Make sure all trash has been cleaned up and your campfire is FULLY extinguished!)
  10. Emergency Contact Info (Make sure you have an address or GPS location of your campsite in case you need emergency help. Also have a phone number on hand of the local police station in case the area does not have 911 service.)

All of these tips will help you enjoy a safer trip!

Get the printable version of the checklist below. I suggest laminating the checklist if you have a home laminator. Then you can use a dry erase marker on it each time you camp!

Printable Campsite Inspection List

Get the printable: Campsite Inspection Checklist

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