Camping Whistle Craft for Kids

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Grab some colorful beads and string to make this simple camping themed craft! Kids will have fun putting their own personal flair on this fun activity. Follow the directions below to make a camping whistle craft.

whistle in hand

Camping Themed Crafts

Kids are going to love this craft. It’s colorful, fashionable, oh yeah – and it makes NOISE! Ha! Perfect for your next camping trip (great boredom buster) or summer camp activity, this craft uses minimal supplies and is very budget friendly.

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Camping Whistle Necklace Craft Supplies

Gather up the following materials to make this whistle necklace craft:

Whistle Craft Supplies

How to Make DIY Whistle Necklaces

Follow these instructions to make your whistle necklaces!

1. Cut a piece of twine long enough to fit over the wearer’s neck, typical whistle length.

2. String beads on the twine and after placing half of the desired beads on the twine, add the whistle. Now place the rest of the beads on the twine.

Strung necklace

3. To finish the craft, tie the two ends of twine together so that the beads and whistle cannot fall off.

Beaded whistle craft
Whistle lanyard craft TALL

That’s it!

So easy and really fun looking!

Let us know if you decide to give this whistle craft a try and tell us how it turned out. Feel free to tag us on social media if you post a picture of your craft. We would love to see it!


Camping Whistle Craft PIN

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