Camping Themed I Spy | Free Printable Activity for Kids

Give the kids something constructive to do on your next camping adventure and send them off in search of the items on our camping themed I spy printable!

Campground I Spy Glamper Life HERO

We are always looking for great filler activities for the kids when we are camping. You know…  something for them to do in between all of the biking and swimming and activities that the campground is running. Check out this addition to our printable collection! Our kids love playing the game “I Spy” and enjoy scavenger hunts.  Plus, they love just having the chance to explore the campground. This printable will give them that opportunity! You can send them off our their own (age and your own comfort level permitting, of course). You can also work on this activity together as a family.

We made up this camping themed version of the popular game “I Spy” a few years ago and our kids have a lot of fun with it when we are away. I recommend bringing along a copy of the printable for each kid, as well as a clipboard and pen or pencil for each kid. You could even laminate your copies and re-use the same papers again and again, using dry erase markers to cross off the items you locate.

How to Play

Playing this game is extremely simple. The visual nature of the activity will allow even the youngest age set to play and have fun. No reading is required. Simply identify the various symbols on the page. Challenge kids to find as many of the items pictured on the printable as they can (similar to a scavenger hunt). Each time they find an object pictured, they cross the item off.

We usually give the kids their page soon after we arrive at the campground and they can use the entire camping trip to try to locate the various items.

They love seeing who can find the most items (or who can find all of the items)!

Get the Camping Themed I Spy Printable

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Campground I Spy Glamper Life HERO

What are your family’s favorite games to play at a campground? Let us know if you end up using this printable activity and what the kids thought about it! 

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